Friday, January 6, 2017

The moment when we all realise we learn from mistakes

There you go, another year has passed and it's already 2017. 
I have not been writing for quite some time, have not been writing very often and I know it.
I realize I only want to write when I have the mood, I only want to write when I have something in mind to express. This does not come very often.

Usually my first post of the year will be a recap of last year, but this time I'm not gonna do it. It's not that I did not have a good 2016, I must say that 2016 has treated me real good and I have learned and grew a lot from it.

It's just that if you have been following me long enough, you will basically know what I did in 2016, and if you have not, why not start now in 2017?

Looking back from where I started, the moment I started blogging and the moment I started social media as a career really made me realise something, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES

Blogging did not start very early for me, it was when I was 17 and started to blog because everyone is doing it. Totally have no idea and direction that this could lead me to what I'm doing now. I graduated and decided to not get a full time job because I wanted to give it a try in doing modelling and "social media"

No joke, my parents were worried. Ok, maybe they still are. Hahaha.. Even for myself, I'm not sure if this is a right move. 

Now after graduating for 2 years, I'm still doing it. Not dying yet. Hopefully not so soon. LOL... But that's not the point. 

We always have idea and dreams that we want to execute, but not the courage to do so. Some are afraid of failure, some are afraid of mistakes. 

It's true, we all faced this issue everyday. We won't know what is wrong and what is right before we try, no one succeeds in one day. I'm not saying that I'm successful but this journey has taught me a lot.

It has taught me to try, to fail and to make mistakes. This is where we realise we are actually learning and growing in life. 

We may not get what we want one from the first try, maybe not the second either, god knows how long more should we try? There is no waiting success, there is only real life experience.

There is never trying too hard or doing too much, it's all experience and knowledge that you are gaining. This is when you realise how much mistakes you have made in the past and how you should improve from it.

I'm still making mistakes but I'm not giving up in trying new things. Making mistakes makes you smarter, makes you stronger.

2017, let's not hide or give up on mistakes, let's take it as a challenge, a path that all of us go through to be smarter, stronger and better. 

Wishing all of you a Happy 2017, the moment you realise your mistakes and take it as a learning lesson to be better! xoxo

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