Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Embrace Your Flaws, You Are Not Perfect

I guess this is the biggest decision I did recently, it may not have come through my mind before, but yes maybe now.

This is what I did. I shaved my hair. Nope, I’m not joking.

I guess midnight thought is always so impactful to me. I spend my daytime working, meeting people, and hanging out with friends, and during the night only my mind starts talking to me.

No, I have no depression or any emotional problem; it’s just that I realize how people nowadays label beauty.

My hair is actually something that I’m very particular of since high school. It’s something that I feel that will enhance how I look or how cool I am. I have tried so many hairstyles in the past years, from short to long, from rainbow colours to blonde.

The media, the social norm has injected a label of beauty and perfection in us, we always believe that what we see on magazine/TV or what other people think we should be is only consider as perfect.

We look in the mirror every morning, hoping to look like what we expect; looking at our imperfections makes us less confident, feeling insecure and we try to hide it.

To me, everyone has flaws and imperfection, and this is what makes us unique in our own way. You don’t need to follow how someone looks like, or to be someone that you are not.

I have always love my hair, but the courage to make me shaved it away is to prove that beauty is not just about your looks. It’s about being who you are and being confident in life.

Find out what you want to be or what you are passionate about rather than chasing how you should be on other people’s eyes. It’s not their life you are living.

Some thinks that they need their long hair to cover their fat face, some thinks that it could minimize the appearance of their flaws on their face, and I admit that’s how I thought before too.

But once you have accept you for who you are, embrace your flaws and appreciate your feature and accept that you are human, you realize that it’s so much easier living a happy life embracing your imperfections.

Embracing flaws is not just about your appearance; it’s also about a healthy mindset. The moment you compare yourself to others, you demean yourself in your own eyes, unable to recognize the uniqueness inherent in you. When you seek perfection, desiring to become different and special, you will always end up feeling disappointed, empty and unsatisfied. Focus on who you are and not who you think you are.

I’m not encouraging or saying that all of you have to shave your hair to prove that you embrace who you really are, it’s just that we should not be always caught up and define a person of who they are, how they should be by their appearance.

Always stay positive, be kind and be true to yourself is something that you should feel everyday.

Remember, “You are not perfect, you are unique”


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seoul Fashion Week SS17

I have always wanted to visit Korea because of the food, the fashion style/scene, the culture and so much more. It has been one of my wish list this year and I'm so glad that it really happened.

Visited Korea last two weeks with my partner in crime Kittie Yiyi for Seoul Fashion Week SS17 and I must admit it is definitely one great trip for us. Fashion week in Seoul seems something very far and unreal for me last time, I could only always look at those pictures in Instagram and hoping one day I could experience and attend the shows. 

This trip was made possible by AirAsiaX and I could not deny that the self check in service is so convenient and time saving. I really had a good sleep throughout the journey sitting at the quiet zone. 

So after experiencing SFW, I must say that the focus is not all about the show but also the guest with their streetwear style. It's really very different when you can admire and get so much inspiration just looking at how passionate everyone is dressing up and they are so much more daring when it comes to personal mix and match style. 

I guess another thing that made me really excited was having the chance to meet and see all the very good looking Korean models that I have been following on Instagram. Just not only how passionate the attendees are towards fashion, there are also many passionate street photographers that literally chase you down the aisle just to snap a good picture of what you are wearing.

Models and fashionista strolling the event hall like their runway throughout the whole week and I'm not complaining because I really won't get bored looking at what they are wearing.

It was quite a satisfaction taking street photos there and on my first day I wore Malaysian designer Zakwan Anwar's outfit with a braided hair which somehow I feel created a badass look overall. 

Second look channeling the Zebra vibe is also an outfit from Zakwan Anwar. Messy hair is actually the aftermaths of removing my braids. Hahaha...

I'm all about supporting my own local Malaysian pride designer, so this last look is also from Malaysia designer Kittie Yiyi aka. my best partner in crime. Full purple suit with a nerdy glasses, maybe bad boy just turned good? 

Talking about designers, now let's take a look on a few Korean designer's shows that I have attended. I really love how they experimented different silhouette, played around with colours, created quirkiness and fun in every outfit and also combine both contemporary and retro in their design. 



Pushbutton S/S17

87MM S/S17

We actually had not much time to explore the whole Seoul, but I did some shopping at a few famous places like Myeong-dong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun. Personally I prefer Hondgdae for shopping because it's much more cheaper and they have those vintage old school shops that you can find some good stuff. Myeong-dong has lots of food, beauty skin care shops. If you love cafes and places where most models and youngster hang around, I think Garosu-gil will be a good area. 

I did not cafe hop a lot , but these are a few places that I went. 

I bet most girls will like this place and if you are a fans of Korean brand Stylenanda. You would definitely want to come to this Stylenanda Pink Hotel at Myeong-dong. They sell 3CE make up, their clothing brand and there is also a cafe on the top floor. It's a heaven for pink and pastel lover!

Stylenanda Pink Hotel
Address: 66-2, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul Korea

Address: 547-12 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Ezer Coffee
Address: 1F, 289-8, Sungsoo-Dong 2ga, Sungdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Table A Cat Cafe

There is actually a few franchise of this cat cafe, if you like cats you can visit. Frankly speaking for me, I'm not really a big fans of cat but because Kittie wanted to go so I just follow. LOL...

Definitely I will be going back to Korea again next year and hopefully I will have more time to explore more new places. :)

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