Monday, July 4, 2016

Friends Come and Go

Friends have always been very important to me in life. Without some of my close friends now, my life will be super dull.

People thinks that I always hang out with different gang of friends, that I am always so packed with hangout dates but no. I don’t really have many close friends that I will always hangout with but that’s not the problem.

In fact, I don’t see the problem. I’m fine with just that few friends, because sometimes that’s all you need.

Some of us grew up with some friends; we call them the childhood friends. It good that if these friends is still in your life, because they are the one that witness your growth, your changes, your improvement in life and vice versa. 

I don’t have a friend like this, and then I realize fiends somehow come and go. Don’t be too over protective towards someone, or too dependent. This goes the same towards relationship. 

If that person is right it will stay, if not there is always a reason for them to leave. People or friends appear in your life for a reason and for a period, it may be short or it may be a lifetime. 

You can be so close with this person for this period of time, but eventually you realize one day both of you are drifting apart. You seem to have fewer topics to talk together, less similar interest and a totally different direction in life.

There is no right or wrong, the world is turning, the weather is changing, you are changing, they are changing, people just change.

You may be very good friend with someone during high school, but when you enter uni things seems different. Maybe because you meet new people, you learn things that are different, you don’t stress on the same subject like your best friend anymore and you start realizing you are not that close. 

You may have a best friend in uni, but then when both of you steps in the working world; you might have your own lifestyle, totally different jobs industry, they don’t understand what you are doing and why would you do that. You both have different perspective towards life and career. You just start to talk less with your best friend. 

I don’t blame when people starts stepping out, because it’s the matter of mutual understanding. Real friends won’t just say “bye”. They stick to you when you are down; they gives you support when you are unhappy and they share happiness with you too. For me, friends should gives sincere advice and think good for them. We should help each other out and support each other’s back. Don’t let them fall deeper when they are wrong, don’t be afraid to confront them. Motivate each other to be a better person, and achieve dreams together. 

I have friends that I don't meet that often, but whenever we meet there are still 101 things that we can share and talk about. That are friends. Even when we go out and chill at a cafe, we can just sit there and mind our own business and still don't get awkward. 

If misunderstanding occurs, spread it out like butter and solve the problem. Friends should always be honest and try to fix things, if you choose to just turn your back and leave then it’s not even worth it in the first place to start this friendship. 

Everyone appear for a reason, and if someone could just walk out your life just like that then it’s not even worth it to dwell over it. 

I’m not saying there is no long lasting friendship because there is! So if you still have a childhood friend, a good friend that motivates you and makes you a better person, appreciate them! These people won’t come twice in life. I appreciate each of my friends from every stage because at least we had good memories and they made me grow.

Life is a learning process, meeting new friends too. Don’t go hating on friends that left you, they just have different directions in life. Let them be. Just make sure don’t come back only when you need something. (not cool!)

Be a good friend at the same time too and make you and your best friends grow better with you and make bonds and memories that are worth looking back one day!

Love all of them and appreciate to have them in life! xoxo


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