Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hennessy Artistry Shanghai 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Guess it's not too late to wish because it's still the first month of 2016 only. LOL... I can't believe that 2015 has just past this swiftly and I could say that it was a good year for me because I managed to travel to places that I have always wanted to go, which was Maldives and just at the last month of 2015 I went to Shanghai! It's my first time going to China, and I made it to the fashion capitol of China, Shanghai to attend Hennessy Artistry event! 

I went with a bunch of awesome friends who are Jane, Daphne, Ash, and Cherrie and also with the very amazing MHD team from Malaysia! Although it's a short trip, but after checking in the hotel it was time to start a hell of crazy party plan! 

We stayed at Park Hyatt Shanghai, 5 star luxury hotel, tallest hotel in the world and not to mention each room facing a breathtaking view of Shanghai! I totally miss the room now, and of course also the bathtub. Hahaha.. I love bathtub a lot whenever I travel, I spend most of my time in there after a long day. LOL... 

First night, all our tummies are growling in hunger. We went for dinner at Maison de'l Hui. They served finely prepared Chinese cuisine, every dish was so good and the best is the beef which literally melt in my mouth. I will definitely come back for more! 

As I said, the MHD team had a full party itinerary planned for us so after dinner it was time to enjoy the nightlife of Shanghai! We first went to the Bund Bar Rouge for some Hennessy and also at the same time to view the night scene of Shanghai. It was quite cold out there at night, but we have our own way to keep ourselves warm. Yes, Hennessy it is! Hahaha... After the Bund, we went to Myst club to start the party! Non-stop dancing is even better than an hour gym for all of us! LOL... The girls missed yoga classes but no worries, they have dancing class here in Shanghai led by me. Hahaha... First night was already amazing!!

Rise and shine! Brand new day means more food! LOL.. We went to Yu Garden to have Xiao Long Bao for lunch and I thought that Shanghai Xiao Long Bao should be amazing but sadly I had too high expectation for it. Hahaha.. It was not as good as I expected, not so juicy so I think having it in Dragon-i is satisfying enough already. LOL... 

Since we still have some time before the show, of course I won't let the opportunity of taking nice pictures slip away. LOL... I'm so happy that it's winter because finally I could wear layering outfit without sweating like a pig inside. It's hard to wear outfit like this here in Malaysia, but with Shanghai chilly weather I get to match a grey turtleneck sweater inside a grey knitted outerwear. The camel tone trench coat is the highlight of my whole look because it's the most popular colour of the season. We also went to a cafe called See Saw Cafe, which was recommended by Jane. 

Okay! The real deal of this whole trip has just started. I got to meet Rita Ora in person and also spend some time interviewing her. She was so friendly and down to earth when we interview her, it was like a casual chit chat session with a friend. I love her music and also her collaboration with so many fashion brands. I can't wait for more of her work in future, be it music or fashion! Big shoutout to Hennessy for making this happen! 

 I'm wearing outfit from Versus Versace 

Hennesy Artistry is no stranger event to me because I have been partying with Hennessy since I was 18 years old! LOL... But this time at Shanghai it's totally a different experience. Hennessy has always inspire others to chase and pursue their dreams, which is something that I have always hope to inspire others too. The trend-setting music event featured Ouch Youths, Korean hip-hop and R&B trio Lucky J, British pop and R&B diva Rita Ora and electro-pop singer-songwriter Laure Shang Wenjie.

The night kicked off with “I Would Like To Believe” by Ouch Youths, inspiring young people to pursue their dreams. Later, Lucky J took to the stage with their popular hits “Can You Hear Me", a fusion of Western R&B with Korean hip- hop that expressed the power of young Asian culture. This is my first time being introduced to this group, and the lead vocal Jessie totally nailed it with her strong voice. She was damn good!

Shortly after, British pop and R&B diva Rita Ora treated the enthusiastic Chinese fans with popular hits such as "Hot Right Now", introducing them to the world of Western music. Meanwhile, Rita Ora and Lucky J jointly performed "Black Widow", which was a pleasant surprise for the guests. This was followed by Laure Shang Wenjie who pushed the energy levels of the crowd further with her powerful vocals singing "Let's get started". The excitement was felt all across the room, heightening the euphoric atmosphere of the 2015 Hennessy Artistry. The night was perfect with the accompany of great friends and also Hennessy signature drinks! 

Although it was a short trip, but it was definitely the best trip! Our Malaysian party level is on top! Can't wait to come back and explore the city of Shanghai soon (hopefully a longer trip next time) and also looking forward for another party trip with Hennessy in near future! xoxo

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