Tuesday, December 15, 2015

You Wanna Be A Model?

I always get this question. "You wanna be a model? I didn't know that." Yes, my dream has always to become a professional model, but because I started as a blogger first, so many people will think that I'm just a blogger that loves taking pictures or because I'm a blogger that's why it's my job to take nice pictures.
 I started to have this model ambition and dream since I was in high school. I will always go out during the weekend with my friends and just take pictures around shopping malls. I love reading fashion magazines and hoping that one day I would have the chance to be in it. 

If you and I have the same dream, I believe that you will feel the same too. Many people told me that it's not easy chasing dreams, especially the path of becoming a model. Until now I do still believe. Nothing comes easy in life, that's why we have to work hard and fight for it. Even now, I don't think that I'm someone successful, because I'm still so new in the industry and there are so many things to learn from. 

There is no easy way in achieving something you want, and it's the same for me. I started blogging about my own personal style when I was 18, love to share my ootd online, but there are people that will condemn, hate and try to pull you down. Luckily I still stand strong on my passion in sharing my style and I'm somehow glad to have haters that made me stronger. I totally did not expect that blogging and social media will bring me to who I am today, but I'm blessed to have worked with so many brands and talented professionals in the fashion scene. 

If you read till here, you may think that this blog post is damn long, but I just want to inspire people out there that doubt themselves. I have once been stuck at a stage where I will ask myself, "should I take this opportunity to get closer to my dream or should I just stay still in my comfort zone?"

  Then I will ask myself, what is the point of being alive if you don't try to do something remarkable? I have not blog about this before, but this time I decided to share my experience. I actually went to Taiwan this year and stayed there for a month to compete in a modelling competition. The moment I know that there is this opportunity overseas, I was actually still doubting myself whether to go, but then I realize that opportunity will not wait for you twice. 

So chasing dreams to become a model brought me to be one of the finalists of this competition in Taiwan, and it was a good experience working, and going through photoshoots and runway training with them. So after a month of competition, the result? I did not win the title. Yup, I did not win but I won "popularity award" which is something that I am already very satisfied and proud of! 

Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success! Although I failed this time, but It's better to have tried, and failed, than failing to try!  I took the first step in chasing my dreams. This is not the last chapter of my life, so falling down once is just a step closer to my dream. Everyday is a learning process, that's why I say that I'm lucky to work with different photographers for shoots in grooming myself to be a better model. Hopefully one day, I will have the chance to work with designers and magazine for fashion shoots too! 

I do think that Malaysia has many potential and aspiring models, it's just that there is no platform for them to be scout. That's why it's quite sad that the fashion scene here use a lot of Caucasian model but for the locals we always will be the second choice. I do support local designers a lot and so do I support local models! Finally I see a chance and hope for aspiring models here in Malaysia. 

I love this show so much when I was 16 years old, and hoping one day that I could model too. (my model dream started when I was 16) Finally 8TV I Wanna Be A Model is back after 6 years! This reality TV show competition will definitely be the best platform to kick start your modelling career and also undergo professional training from fitness trainings, catwalk lessons as well as make-up and grooming classes. With Shir Chong and Sean Feng as the mentor, you will surely gain many valuable experience and knowledge for modelling. Like what I said, opportunity does not come twice, so wait no more and go chase your dream!

How to Participate:

• Castings will be held on 19th & 20th December 2015. 
• Original identification card must be presented during the registration for verification purposes.
• Full and half body photos will be taken by organiser during the audition.
Audition information:
o Date:​19 & 20 December 2015, Saturday & Sunday
o Time:​9:00am - 6:00pm
o Venue:​Balai Berita Bangsar, 31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The competition is open to Malaysians, aged between eighteen (18) and thirty (30).
2. Fluent in Mandarin. 
3. Participants must adhere to the height requirements: Males - 175cm and above; Females-165cm and above.
4. Participants who are contractually bound with a 3rd party CAN take part provided he/she is able to produce AND submit a valid written consent and/ or a letter of release from the 3rd party to verify his/ her participation to be in the competition.

"Don't sleep for your dream, fight for it!"

Monday, December 7, 2015

Beach Paradise at Maldives

I have been wanting to blog about this awesome trip for quite some time already because it's definitely the best holiday of 2015 for me, but my schedule have been so packed that I have not time to do so. Since I will be flying off to two countries for the next two weeks, I know that I have to move my fingers and blog about it now! 

If you do not know where I went last month, the hint will be beach paradise. Yes!!! I can't believe that I went to MALDIVES!!! Seriously this place is my dream vacation destination of my life, and it's so unbelievable that my dream came true this year. I would never expect myself flying to Maldives for a holiday, I thought the only chance that I might go is the day when I have my honeymoon. HAHAHA! 

I have been told that Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and pictures online shows how clear the sky and water is. I don't really believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I found out that Air Asia is currently the only airline that connects Kuala Lumpur directly with Male, Maldives and they fly 3 times a week. So the flight took me 4 hours 10 mins to reach Male, but when I reach it was already night time. Due to the weather, it was impossible to take the speedboat to my hotel, which is W Retreat and Spa so I have to spend a night at Sheraton Hotel which was only 15mins away from the airport. 

The first night hotel was already so amazing with the open-air toilet. HAHAHA... But I'm still very anticipated and excited to head over to W Retreat and Spa Resort. So after breakfast, we took a two hours speedboat ride to the resort and it was a very bumpy ride going through up and down on the ocean. Maldives has a lot of different island, and usually one island is one hotel or resort so it's kinda far to take a speedboat from one island to the other. 

It was all worth it when I step on W Maldives because this island is paradise and a luxury playground of white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and breathtaking reefs! The view and scenery is exactly like how it looks online. This blogpost will be filled with 50 shades of blue so be ready to go through this trip with me with all the pictures that I took with my new Panasonic Lumix GF7 camera! 

I'm so happy when I step into my room because there is a private pool!!! The room design evokes a sensory experience that reflects the perfect blend of W’s innovative architectural design and contemporary living aesthetics, whilst the colors, materials and glowing elements convey the unique, vibrant and playful personality of the island. Borrowing from the Indian Ocean’s colorful marine life, twinkling stars and fluorescent plankton, the newly stylish yet chic restyled Retreat is set to ‘Let It Glow’. There are a total of 78 Retreats rooms available and the room that I was staying is the "Beach Oasis" which has a perfect view of the beach and there is also the "Ocean Oasis" room that gives you a direct access to the sea from your room. I think the area I spend most of my time in the room is the bathtub because I love to just relax and enjoy a warm bubble bath after a tiring day. HAHAHAHA... 

Having a getaway to such a beautiful island is the time to just relax and enjoy the serenity of the ocean, which is something you can't get from the daily busy city life. So before the sunset activities, I did some water activities and also snorkeling. I only did snorkeling once in Pulau Redang last year, and this time it's my second time. 

The experience was very different this time because what I saw underneath was totally different and I even saw turtles and baby shark. The feeling is like I'm living in the sea, swimming beside all different kind of fishes and the water is so clear that you have a crystal clear view of the breathtaking underwater world.

The best thing to do while enjoying the sunset view and the Indian ocean breeze is to have a sip of cocktail or champagne at the bar before dinner. 

Of course you have to eat seafood when you are here, and everyday and every meal there will definitely be prawns and lobster served! This dinner place here called "FISH" that offers breathtaking ocean views and an unforgettable epicurean experience which brings you something out of the ordinary. The Chef’s creativity is unleashed when fresh caught fish and a wide selection of seafood are transformed into delicacies flirting with Asian sensibilities.

 How can you not enjoy good food when you are on a vacation? Set by the beach with your feet in the sand, FIRE offers a romantic and casual dining experience. With a combination of BBQ alternatives such as charcoal grill, tandoor and spit roast, FIRE focus on high quality premium meat, poultry, pork, steak house and chop shop. Not to mention, the dessert is something that I can't resist! Just forget about diet, bye abs hello chocolate cakes  HAHAHA

Party is mandatory even if it's a beach vacation that's why 15BELOW is Maldives’ only underground nightclub. Electrify the evening and dance the night away to global rhythms from their resident DJ. The bar stocks more than 95 varieties of vodka, a mind-bending range of spirits where our mixologists whip up creative cocktails for those who like mixes.

 This trip is also my first time waking up so early to catch the sunrise and also doing yoga by the Indian ocean. Luckily there is satisfying breakfast and lunch after an hour of yoga session and you see there is always seafood! LOL

Like what I said, a getaway like this you have to relax to the fullest! AWAY Spa is a temple for the body to restore and heal, with the philosophy that true beauty begins with a state of mind. There’s an impressive selection of amazing treatments designed to rejuvenate the soul. Experience one of the most exquisite and luxurious treatments using gold and diamond dust as well as rare and ancient oils to feel totally refueled. My body and muscle is so relax after a full body massage! I think I need another massage very soon already. 

They have this mini fridge along the pathway so that you could grab a drink or an ice cream anytime for free!

Mandatory picture if you are staying at a W hotel. They have a total of 4 "W" signs in this resort, but I only managed to take with 3 because the last one is under the sea. LOL...

This place is definitely paradise and I really hope to come back one day! Feeling so sad when I have to take the seaplane back to the airport but luckily it only takes 25mins. (no more speedboat because having a roller coaster ride for 2 hours is not fun at all!) This is my best trip of 2015 and I am already missing the blues!! If you have not been here, Maldives have no time to wait anymore because the sea level is getting higher day by day and one day the islands might be drown below. :(((

So if you are wondering which camera I'm using for this whole trip, it's the Panasonic Lumix GF7! In fact, most of my pictures in Instagram now is also taken by this camera. I have always wanted a compact and stylish camera so that I can bring to party and event, so I decided to get it before flying off to Maldives because I know with this 16 megapixel camera will definitely snap high quality pictures and with the build in WIFI function it made uploading Instagram pictures so much easier for me. The 180 degree touchscreen tilt monitor also made selfie so convenient anytime anywhere! Now I can take pictures fashionably and I have no regret getting this Lumix GF7 camera!  

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