Thursday, April 30, 2015

Q-Switched Lasers @ DRx Clinic Malaysia

I’m not trying to brag but whenever I go for an event or meeting new friends, people will definitely compliment my skin and say that I look very flawless. I must say that drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is one of the important elements, but one secret towards my skin is also because of my trusted skincare clinic DRx. I have been using their products for the past 3 months and I could see effective results on my skin especially less breakouts. I have also tried their Essential Facial Plus which successfully got rid of all my stubborn blackheads. So after consulting Dr.Teh from DRx Clinic Mid Valley, she suggested that I could try Q-Switched Lasers. When I heard the word laser, I was actually quite scared because I thought that it’s usually only for serious acne scars and it will hurt a lot. But after Dr.Teh explanation, there are actually many types of laser and this Q-Switched Lasers are used to treat pigmentation and also to help skin look brighter.

Dr.Teh will always explain the procedure of the treatment before starting and this actually will help me understand more and also make me less worry. I’m always rest assured about the treatment because I know what’s gonna happen and how my skin will be after the treatment. So I went in 30 minutes earlier before to put on numbing cream on my face. Dr.Teh did mention that there will be some ticklish sensation during the treatment, so if you have low tolerance towards pain you could put on the numbing cream. She also said that some people do not need the numbing cream because they don’t feel anything. Since this is my first time and I’m a bit afraid, I just say “put only put only!” Just in case! Hahhaha… 


So before starting, the nurse helps me to apply the numbing cream on my whole face and left it on for 30 minutes. After cleaning the numbing cream from my face, my whole face felt so stiff and numb, I think you can slap me and I don’t feel anything. LOL…. 

I know this looks very funny! Hahaha… Who do I look like? I actually did not know that there were two metal thing on my eyes until I saw this picture, and I look like Ultraman! Don’t you think so? LOL… 

Okay, serious liao! Doctor want to start laser my face liao. Hahhaa.. So I was actually still a bit afraid before it started, but Dr.Teh started very carefully and professionally. She will let me know when she will start the laser and which part she is lasering, she will also be very concern if I feel any pain. Surprisingly she is correct, there is NO pain at all! She is not using the Star Wars lightsaber to laser my face, so actually there is no pain at all! Nothing to worry guys! LOL… Maybe just some ticklish sensation and I think it was so senseless that I even fell asleep during the treatment. You could see a few pictures that I look unconscious, actually I’m just asleep. Wtf! Hahaha…

You might be wondering how this laser treatment can get rid of pigmentation and make my skin look brighter? Actually Q-Switched Laser is one of the most technologically advanced lasers that are FDA approved for the removal of both superficial and deep hyper-pigmented conditions. The device delivers clinical laser quickly with intense energy. The laser pulse is absorbed by melanin, thus breaking down the pigments into smaller fragments and eliminated by the body’s natural lymphatic system. It is an effective tool for pigmentation treatment and also for facial rejuvenation, to minimize pores and decrease the appearance of fine lines and even out skin tone.

After the treatment, your skin might experience a little bit of reddish or the pigmented area to be a bit darker. Don’t worry because it’s absolutely normal and it will start to fade away after a few days. By then, your skin will look like snow white and shine brighter than a diamond! Hahaha.. Damn kua jiong! But it’s true la, after the laser treatment my skin really looks brighter and those acne spot really disappear already. Of course to maintain good skin, I will always replenish my skincare products and use it consistently. Luckily I found this clinic that takes good acre of my complexion so that I could always shine in front of the camera. Hehe :)
For my readers, quote " Brian See Free Consultation " to enjoy 3 Free Professional Skin Analysis from 1 May – 31 May ’15!
 No. 43-G The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 KL 

Plaza Damas, N-1-1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Calvin Klein Platinum Eyewear

It is very important to choose a suitable eye wear for yourself because each and everyone one of us have a different face shape, and choosing the right pair sometimes may not be an easy task. Thanks to Jimmy Ong from Eyewear Creations for inviting me to Malaysia Optical Fair 2015 last week which was held at Kuala Lumpur convention center. 

There were many types of sunglasses at the exhibition but Calvin Klein's collection was so eye catching. After looking through all different types of eyewear, I realize that the new Calvin Klein Platinum collection is so contemporary and versatile. No matter what shape your face is you could surely find a suitable eyewear! Not just that, what I like about this collection is that it features a variety of chic colors, fashionable styles and intricate details, there is a frame in the new Calvin Klein Platinum Eyewear Collection suitable to fit the need and look for any occasion. Classic silhouettes have been modernized to appeal to the sophisticated individual that is fashion conscious. A strong use of color is a main focus in the collection, allowing the eyewear to make a strong statement.

So since during the event, all guests are wearing shades so I think it's not a problem for my outfit to be a little shining and bright? LOL... 

This Calvin Klein Platinum eyewear that I'm wearing is very minimal with a modern frame that matches perfectly with my outfit. The bright metallic bomber jacket definitely made a statement on my whole look and this is where a minimal dealing eyewear could balance out the entire look. It's not only the bomber jacket which is interesting, the white shirt I'm wearing inside is handmade with paint splash design from Comoddity.

Full Outfit: The Commodity
Shoes: Calvin Klein

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just Go Street

I guess I have been slacking recently in updating new outfit post because I'm so busy....watching drama. LOL... You know when you start watching something, you just can't stop but to continue the next episode. This china drama that I'm watching now has more than 80 episodes, and I'm taking forever to finish it! Hahhaa... So time to take a break from all the drama (literally drama HAHAHA) and let me share a new outfit post.

No idea since when but street style has been dominating the fashion scene for quite some time and I guess it's because snapping ootd has been a trend, and fashion bloggers like me and other fashionista will choose the street as our setting for ootd pictures. I do agree that the street is always the best place to take ootd pictures, because it's so convenient and importantly there is enough sunlight. So don't be shock if you see me standing beside the street taking pictures, that's usually what I do. Hahahha... 

So what are the "must have" when it comes to street style? Based on my observation, sneakers, denim and checks are one of the few important elements for street style. Just like this outfit, pairing an oversized check shirt as an outer layer with the combination of a pair of good denim jeans and sneakers. Things never go wrong when it comes to jeans with sneakers, and this is the reason why I think that investing in a pair of jeans is extremely important. 

Check shirt: Mens Wardrobe
T-shirt: Topman
Jeans: Levi's
Sneakers: New Balance

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paul Smith Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show @ Pavilion Pitstop

Finally blogging about the last fashion show that I went by Club21 which is Paul Smith SS 2015. Paul Smith is a brand that has been in this industry for so long and their designs is always one of my love! So I'm very lucky this time to attend and witness their SS 2015 runway show at first row alongside with many celebrities, fashion editors and also fashion bloggers.

So the fashion show started with women's wear followed by menswear model strutting the runway. This collection was all about breaking the sartorial rules and bringing in new and innovative ideas to the designs. The greenery, which made it into the collection as a fern print, was but one facet of the sprawling show. I think it's all about comfort and eclectic ideas with botanical prints, idiosyncratic colors and textures, long length jackets, papery leather and wide leg trousers.

So after the show, the party is not over with an after party which they served nice food and drinks at their outlet with live band performing and also of course accompanied by awesome friends.

 So hard to jio her out for a date, so it's always only event when we meet! LOL...

 Twins models that walked the runway and catwalk guru Benjamin Toong

 XinLe and Karena Teo from Diva Artiste 

 From left: Janice from Club 21 and renowned international food artist Samantha Lee

Malaysia's fashion icon, Wak Doyok in the house!

Enough about the event and collection, it's time to share my outfit of that day. I really love the whole Paul Smith outfit on me all thanks to Club 21 for sponsoring. I chose a more consistent and compliment colour hues for the whole look with blue leather jacket and dark blue floral print pants.

Whole outfit: Paul Smith
Hairdo: Kay Tuan from Centro W Salon

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