Sunday, March 29, 2015

DKNY Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show @ Pavilion Pitstop

Rushing day and night for event this week, and finally it's over. It was such an exciting and productive week for me to be part of Club21 fashion shows which one of it includes DKNY Spring Summer 2015. I guess what's more attractive about a fashion show is the collection, images and also the guest that are attending. We are the fashion blogger gang!

Before I start blogging about the show, I have to thank Club21 for dressing me up with this dapper outfit from Black Barrett by Neil Barrett. Talking about a more dapper look, I always love to mix and match it with something more casual and that one element that will definitely make this twist is sneakers. Pairing this outfit with Adidas Original Superstar surely did play the trick making the whole outfit look more fun and street. 

So happy that I can finally sit front row for a fashion show, so of course must snap some yeng yeng picture la. LOL... Sitting front row could also let me take more closer pictures of the runway show and of course also a closer look on all the collections. So before the show started, guest were coming in slowly and it was the best time to take pictures with all my friends.

 Yayy! Both of us ada front row seat, so HAPPY! HAHAHAHA....

 Not consistent at all on the expression. I'm acting cool, the Kittie beside me act cute, Daphne so sweet. Not ngam not ngam! LOL...

 Finally meeting this pretty Denise again after so long! Still very leng lui :* and just to clarify, I'm not short ok. She is wearing heels and standing a step higher. Hahaha....

 I think the aunty beside me got back pain. Sudah mau pengsan Aunty Kittie? XD

So glad to meet famous food artist Samantha Lee. If you know her, you will know how talented and creative she is in making all the food art. Such a humble and down to earth person too! :)

Okay! Enough of nonsense liao, let's watch the show and check out DKNY SS 2015 collections.  

So what do you think? Looking at this season's collection, Donna Karan injected her interest in tribes on prints with very vivid colours and sporty fabrics. Details on each piece was also focused with macro and mini stripes, stretchy knitted tube skirts, baggy jackets, sewed on sequins to cool geometrics. There were also design which are more contemporary and minimal with oversized boyfriend sweatshirt or electro bright hues jacket. Donna Karan juxtaposed the collections with monochrome series with colourful hues. 

Posing with Jane Chuck, Kittie Yiyi and Cherrie like DKNY campaign. Hahaha...The girls wearing DKNY SS 15 collections which are bright and playful but there is also the black outfit which is cool with details. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Coach SS15 X Glam Cool Americana @ Pavilion Pitstop 2015

Oh gosh! I'm so sleepy now but I just wanted to update my blog on the event I went on Wednesday. So busy for this week going for meeting, fitting and attending fashion shows. When there is fashion week, there will definitely be many fashion shows going on. So I just attended Coach Spring/Summer 2015 collection fashion show at Pavilion in collaboration with Glam magazine Malaysia. 

Just look at crowd! The store is packed with distinctive guests, VIPs, celebrities and also bloggers and media. Before the fashion show, guest were served with drinks and finger foods in store to have an exclusive preview of Coach SS15 latest collection from bags to clothes. 

There are a series of bags from their classics to the latest swagger and mini swagger handbag which comes in many different colours and the metallic ones totally caught my attention. For this season, Stuart Vevers designed Dakota bags, mini sling bags to tote bags with bright colours, fun prints and metallic leather. What's more interesting about this season's collection is the collaboration with Californian artist and animator Gary Baseman on the quirky, youthful and playful twist. Let me show you what I'm talking about!

Can you just see how Coach and Gary Baseman included a series of darkly playful “creatures” in their collection, and I must say that I think they look really cute popping out from all the pastel bags and leather jackets. Coach have slowly shifted and also expand their target audience to a more youthful and youngster crowd.

Stuart Vevers did not just stop there with the cartoon creatures, he also included synthetic fur fluff parkas, bold leopard prints, metallic pastel leather clogs and also 70's inspired shinny leather mini skirts. 

 Choosing choosing... and I still love all the collection with Gary Baseman cartoon. It's so cute la! 

 Miss Kittie Yiyi showing her sexy back, so I just pretend to be a passerby. LOL

 You can see that everyone beside me is so busy, but I'm just having my sweet time taking pictures. Hahhaha....

 So nice of Coach giving me cute gifts. Love the leather cover journal and custom made leather tag! Leather always smells good.! 

Jacket and Bag: Coach
Sweater and Pants: Zara

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