Wednesday, September 24, 2014


OMG! I know that I have not been updating for a week or more, and currently my life is just busy like crazy!! Everyday I will just hope to have more time because it seems that 24 hours is totally not enough for me to finish all the workload I have. Maybe it's my final semester, I have loads of assignments and it's really not those where you can finish easily. There is time where I don't even sleep the whole night just to rush for assignments and mostly days where I just sleep for a few hours. There is just forever non stop work to do, no time to relax! The best way to keep updated is to follow my Facebook and Instagram, because even attending events I can only upload pictures there and not even have the time to blog about it. I'm so sorry guys... :/

So no doubt this is a super throwback outfit but still looking fresh! Hahahhaa... Simple black sweater with printed words that is not even loud, this is such simple outfit that I will choose lately. The printed words are actually "Easy Life" which I think nothing is easy in life. wtf! LOL... There is no one time success, nothing will forever be the way you want. Shit happens in life and we will just have to face it. I think that there is no easy life but just a better life, but it all depends on yourself.

I am always looking for directions in life, trying my best now to achieve what I want. I'm not sure if my dreams will come true, but at least I'm taking the first step to try. Work hard for a better life!

Sweater from Burton Menswear
Denim Vest from H&M
Boots from Dr.Martens

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hermès Silk Ball @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When I received the invitation card from Hermès to the silk ball, I was so excited and what made it more anticipating was the theme for this event. The dress code was Beauty or Beast // masks and headdresses // silk scarves // fantastical make up. Hermès silk ball is one of the biggest fashion event of the season, its first launch at Koko, London was a great success and touring from cities to cities around the world, this time it has finally arrived to Malaysia, and the ball was held at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur.

Arriving at the venue, we were ushered and welcome by ladies and gentlemen with fantastical masquerade mask and since it's a silk ball they were all also dress up in Hermès classic silk. They also prepared many different design of mask for the guest to enter the event area which was designed with Hermes’ iconic printed silk scarves. Guests were treated with overflowing cocktails, tarot readers, photobooth and a DJ to keep the party going. It was a great night filled with music, colours and also printed silk. What makes a party even better is the companion of awesome friends.

 The always crazy and fun fashion designer/blogger KittieYiyi

 Models in the house with Emmy Lee (middle) and Vivian Ong (right)

 Local artist and singer Joe (left) and Juztin Lan (right)

This is ANTM Boys and Girls Edition! LOL...

T-Shirt from Zara

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*Event pictures credit to Hermès Malaysia

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Blue sea and blue sky, I think this is where summer belongs. It's really quick that summer is gonna end but luckily it was a relaxing summer break for me at Redang Island. So this short getaway to the beach is my second trip during my summer break ( my first trip I went to Taiwan ), and it's really a good place to escape from the busy city and just enjoy nature and summer at its best!

So it was just a 4D3N trip, and also my first time visiting Redang Island. I have Google and research pictures about this place and it was totally like so unrealistic that it was so nice. But landing on the island, it's just paradise! I have not seen such clear sea water in my life before. The sand was soft and white, the sea water was so clear that you could even see fishes swimming. So I stayed at Redang Beach Resort which is just facing the sea. It was a good resort with all meals included and also with snorkeling package.

Away from all the stress and hectic schedule, going to the beach and enjoying the sun is really a great satisfaction. It's just so mind calming going for a swim on a sunny day, reading a book by the beach or maybe playing some beach activities with your best friends. Just look at all the pictures, I think the water is even clearer than what we get from the pipe here in KL. Hahhaa...

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, walking on soft sands that touch your feet, all worries will be washed away. There were no tight schedules during the trip, just enjoying my last summer break because I will be graduating end of this year, and working in the real world next year won't give you any summer break. LOL... So the main activity at Redang is snorkeling, and I have not tried before so I was very excited! We even went to the middle of the sea to snorkel and it was a memorable experience swimming with all the fishes just beside you. I even saw Nemo and Dory. Hahhaa... During the night time, there will be a beach party with music or you can just sit at a cafe, enjoy live music by performers and feel the sea breeze.

Blue definitely is a very calm colour and since everything is so blue here, my outfit surely blend in well enhancing the summer vibe.

When the place is so nice it's totally a plus in taking outfit pictures. I think this is my very first time enjoying taking pictures under the sun. LOL... Summer should also come with some fun and unique prints, so wearing this banana print bucket hat and bag definitely fits in this season perfectly!

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