Wednesday, August 27, 2014


There is always moment when I have a new shirt that I would want to wear out, but yet do not want to look too formal. So semi-casual will always play the trick here. Since summer is gonna end, I decided to bring out the floral and bright colour element for this outfit. Blue and white is such a perfect combination and without having the top to be too dull or overtaken by the bright blue pants, the jackets floral prints with a shade of blue blend perfectly well entirely. Shirt tuck in with my blue pants enhance my leg composition more, and to add some edginess, check out my spikes shoes! LOL... I would say that blue and white always brings the clean look without being too boring. 

Jacket, Shirt, Pants and Spikes Shoe ALL from High Cultured 
Belt from Armani Exchange

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


How bad will you go to have a cup of good coffee? You do not have to be bad to be in Bad Cafe, but don't be that bad to not order a coffee here, because you won't want to regret it! I think it's no more a secret that I love hunting down cafes, and recently it has been a good place for me to work and even blog.

A small cafe hidden at Sri Hartamas, and I must say having a special name for your cafe is really important. When I first found out of Bad Cafe, the name itself creates curiosity. Without surprise, it's quite of a "badass" cafe with metal steel floor, brick walls, wooden furniture and creative interior.

The coffee was acceptable with light scent of aroma, and this place does serve some food too. Their choices is not that much for main course, but a place to sit in and chill or to work is fine because the environment is quiet without that much crowd.

Its prison break day for me wearing this stripes top. I would do anything for coffee! Hahahha... Since it was a day for coffee and relaxation, I find going black and white is still my best option. I love how cute my top is, it's like Mickey being behind bars and wearing a sweatpants with big word prints just make it look comfortable and striking! I find wearing oversize clothes nowadays has become a trend and I will take it as a good trend because it is so much comfortable wearing it. So more oversize for me! LOL...

Cap from HUF
Top from mens_wardrobe 
Pants from mens_wardrobe 
Shades from Ellui

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Taiwan 。 台湾之旅

When I am just starting to enjoy my holiday, class just have to start in a week time. Why time has to pass so fast??!! :( So I went to Taiwan just early of this month, and now finally I have the time to blog about my first trip (my second trip is Redang. Hahahha) but my holiday is already about to end. Haizz... 

So I really have to blog about my Taiwan trip asap because with my goldfish memory, I'm afraid that if I delay this post any longer I will just forgot about what I have done in Taiwan. LOL... Is this goldfish memory or Dory memory? Hahaha... So I went to Taiwan for a 7D6N trip, and I would say that time is never enough when it comes to holiday. Took the night flight by Air Asia, and without any surprise my flight was delayed an hour so after a long 5 hours flight finally I reached Taiwan around 1am in the morning. My friends and I were all tired, and we were finding transport back to our hotel. Luckily there is still a last bus going to Taipei MRT, and from there we took a cab to our hotel which is located at XiMenDing (西门町), the "Harajuku of Taipei" and also known as the source of Taiwan's fashion where youngsters love to hangout.   

Taddaa! This is actually my first meal in Taipei because the time I arrived at my hotel it's already 2am, so the only food which I can find is this. Luckily there is a 7-11 just below my hotel (7-11 is everywhere in Taiwan) and it's just so convenient to grab drinks or snacks anytime. I don't really remember the entire itinerary of my whole trip, (because I have goldfish memory, remember? Hahaha) so I will just blog based on the pictures I took. LOL...

So day 2 (I spent day 1 in the airport and plane...LOL), obviously I walked around XiMenDing which is where my hotel is located, and I can say it's really a busy and lively place. The weather at Taiwan is about the same with Malaysia because it's summer there, so my daily outfit is mainly just t-shirt and jeans and of course with a comfy pair of shoe where I can walk for hours. I think my one year of walking exercise is all done in Taiwan because everyday I'm just walking walking and walking. I'm really a Taipei walker for the 7 days and the only option is to walk. LOL...

So XiMenDing is not just a place for you to shop, but also a place to hunt for nice food. I personally don't really think that XiMenDing is a shopping paradise because most of the stuff they sell there is about the same and not really special. Will let you know where to shop later! ;) So talking about food, I found this grilled mochi where many people were queuing up for it so I decided to try one. It's very special because it's grilled which is not so common here in Malaysia, and they have a variety of sauce for you to choose to eat with it such as peanut, black sesame, chocolate and more.

I also tried 阿宗面线 which is very popular in Taiwan. The chili sauce is really spicy so don't add too much because you will regret! LOL... Putting this amount of chili is already too much for me, and standing under the sun enjoying this flour-rice noodle with pork intestine will definitely make you sweat like crazy. *They have no table and chairs for you*  

Stay Real Cafe is owned by the lead singer Ashin (阿信)from Mayday (五月天), and is located at Zhong Xiao Dun Hua (忠孝敦化) which is a perfect place for shopping. I really think that this place is the best place to shop if you are looking for original local or international street wear brands, and the price they are selling is much cheaper compare to Malaysia. Taiwan really has great fashion sense, walking around the street especially this area is like a freaking street wear fashion show. I just can't keep my eyes away from looking at how they dress, really a good place for inspiration in fashion mix and match. The other place that I will recommend for shopping will be Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) if you are looking for more budget and cheap clothes. I did not manage to snap any picture there because I was so occupied with all the clothes in front of me. Hahahha... They have a variety of clothes from women to men, and also shoes, accessories, bags. Girls would definitely go crazy and go broke just shopping there. LOL... 

The only cafe that I managed to visit and the waffle is YUMM!! We were so tired shopping around Zhong Xiao Dun Hua and luckily there is a cafe for us to take a rest, have some coffee and then continue our shopping again. LOL...

The glorious Taipei 101, took a really long walk to reach to the mall, enjoy the air conditioner for 30 minutes and I walked back to the MRT station. Hahaha... It's something like KLCC, so not really my kind of things to shop so going there is just for the sake of taking pictures and being a typical tourist. LOL...

Day 3, the day that I took the most public transport from MRT to train to bus and to taxi. It was really a long journey going to JiouFen (九份), my next trip to Taiwan no way I am going there again. Hahhaa... Not saying that the place is not good, but I think going once in my life is enough for me :) Hehe

So JiouFen is a hill where they have lots of shops selling local delicacies and all the way walking up to the top, there will be a very beautiful scenery of greens and mountains making the long journey all worthwhile. LOL... There is also a few cafes or tea house for you to sit in to enjoy the view, and most of the cafes there have a minimum spending for EACH person. The vintage old street is also a great location for OOTD shots. I never forget to snap my outfit everyday. :p

Just look at the pictures and you know that I'm not lying. The scenery is really like an art, a drawing that is so breathtaking, and a view of undulating mountains through the glare of dazzling sunset.

Day 4, YehLiu GeoPark. Another long journey but yet another breathtaking tourist attraction.

A wonderful and breezy place near the ocean, with stones and rock formations that has been given imaginative names based on their shapes such as the iconic "Queen's Head" (女王头).

This is the main attraction of this place, the "Queen's Head". As you can see, this rock has a shape like a queen's head with a crown. After taking pictures with it, we then move on to Rao He Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市). 

I must say that Taiwan have the best night market ever! If you are looking for delicious food and snacks in Taipei, Rao He night market is the best choice. This is the only night market that I went that sells food from the beginning till the end. They have like more than 50 types of foods, and you must really try each of them. The above pictures are a few that I snap, and also a few of must try!    

I also went to ShiLin night market (士林夜市), which is another super famous tourist attraction as you can see it's super crowded. This place do sell food too but not as much as Rao He night market, mostly selling clothes so it was quite disappointing for me because I thought it was the best night market in Taiwan but actually not really. LOL... 

Day 5, went to ShiFen (十分) to release sky lantern because it is believed that writing your wishes on the lantern and releasing it to the sky will make your wish come true. I really hope that this believe is true because I have many wish. Hahaha... But not all wishes on the lantern is mine, because it is shared with my friends, Don't think that I am really that greedy. LOL... 

Since we don't have much time left, we went to DanShui bridge (淡水情人桥) at night walking on the quiet bridge with less distraction and also appreciating the night view from the colourful lights which were reflecting through the water surface. 

Day 6, YangMingShan (阳明山) a mountain full with nature, fresh air and cows. Haha... This place is just full with green grass, cooling weather and you will just feel so relax and peaceful looking at the beautiful scenery. There is actually also sauna and some other things to see on the way to the top of the mountain, but due to the insufficient in time, we only had 10 minutes time to enjoy this place because we won't want to miss the last bus down. If not maybe we would have to walk down and it will take at least 5 hours? Hahhaa.. Idk actually, but we rather not take the risk. LOL... I will come back again on my next trip (which idk when it will be) but till next time! 

 So on my last day, I did not go anywhere but just went shopping around XiMenDing bookstore. But before I left, I manage to grab the most delicious pineapple pastry from ChiaTe which is located at NanJing East Road (南京东路). I bought like 20pcs back but it's still not enough for me. Hahhaa... 

So that's all for my Taiwan trip and I will definitely visit Taiwan again. What I like about traveling is that I could experience different cultures and people from Taiwan are really friendly. I don't really fancy their restaurant food maybe because the taste is too mild for me, but their snacks and foods from the night market is the best! Let me know some other places in Taiwan which i can plan for my next trip! :)    

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