Sunday, July 27, 2014

Say My Name

Say my name, say my name. LOL... This is one of my favorite Destiny Child songs back then. This totally has nothing to do with my outfit just that my cap reminds me of my childhood song. wtf. So finally on holiday now, I am actually quite bored staying at home this few weeks but luckily there is still some cafe hunting in my schedule. But what I am more looking forward to is my Taiwan trip next week! I just can't wait to visit Taiwan and shop till I drop there. Hahhaa... I know that there are many fashion shops and streets in Taiwan and also their night market is super awesome with all the food. I have been planning for months and finally it's time for me to enjoy and relax. 

So before getting all crazy on my trip, I will just talk about this outfit first. Hahhaa.. I will definitely blog about my trip when I'm back but please pardon me for being away for a week. Summer time and summer heat is really something that is so relevant to my country. So wearing something simple and light is always the best choice when you want to walk out.

 Sometimes I admit that I'm quite lazy even it's only tying my shoelace. Hahaa... So I found this Puma Disc collection sneaker that is really awesome and something that I wanted for so long. The purple vivid colour and lace-less sneakers is just so comfortable for daily outfit. You won't have any problem of shoelace falling off anymore, and it adds on a casual and sporty feel overall. No more tying shoelace when I'm going out, just slip on and I'm ready.

Cap from mens_wardrobe
Singlet from mens_wardrobe
Pants from H&M
Sneakers from Puma

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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Coffee Club @ Subang Parade X Artisan Roast Coffee @ TTDI

I think the trend of visiting cafes is very popular now because just opening my Instagram, I will see my friends going to this cafe for breakfast, going to that cafe for coffee. So if you do follow my Instagram too, you will realize that I have also been addicted in cafe hunting. I have gone to a few places and finally I'm on holiday now, so I have the time to blog about it. The first place would be this new big, 2-storey cafe, The Coffee Club which is located at Subang Parade.

I won't say that I'm a professional in reviewing coffees, but I will just like to share my own personal experience visiting all these awesome cafes in town. So The Coffee Club which is one of the biggest home-grown chains of cafes in Australia won't be a hidden cafe to the public, because it is located just at the main entrance of Subang Parade, facing the main road which is totally visible even you have small eyes. LOL... It is a very spacious cafe as I mention with 2 floors, sufficient sunlight penetrating into the cafe with glass exterior but not feeling the heat inside because their air conditioner is strong enough. I went on a weekend, so obviously a new place like this will be fully packed. And also because they serve main course, so it's actually kind of a family restaurant. So it's not the kind of hipster cafe that you're looking at, and don't expect it will be a quiet one too.

I did not order anything to eat because I wanted pancakes but damn it out of stock! LOL... So I just ordered one Ice Chocolate and Mellocino. The drinks is not bad and if you do order the Mellocino, eat up the marshmallows when it arrives because it will be quite disgusting after being soaked in the coffee for a long time. Haha

The Coffee Club, Subang Parade
Business Hours:
Sunday – Thursday : 8.30am – 11.00pm
Friday – Saturday : 8.30am – 12.00am

If you prefer a place that is more quiet and smaller, filled with coffee aroma, then maybe you should visit Artisan Roast Coffee which is at TTDI. I have heard from many of my friends that this place serve rich and strong coffee and also very delicious cheese cake, so since I'm around that area the other day I decided to hop in and give it a try. 

They serve a variety of drinks from coffee to tea, and of course I ordered my all time favourite Hot Mocha and a must-try cheese cake. I am not really a milk lover, so my standard order at every cafe is Hot Mocha or Ice Mocha if it's a very hot day. Haha... I was very surprise with the taste from my first sip because the sensation of the coffee and chocolate is so strong and concentrated in my mouth. If you love to drink coffee with a stronger flavour, then you will have to try this place. Their no-bake cheese cake is one of the best sellers in the shop, satisfying many cheese cake lover with the moist and rich body along with a slice of chocolate and biscuit at the bottom layer. 

Address: 4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone : 03-7733 6397
Business Hour :
Weekdays 8am – 12pm
Weekend 9am – 12pm

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Don't come near me because I can kill you in a blink of an eye. Hahaha! I really feel that this outfit is some kind of movie outfit, and I will name the movie "Dark Traveler". I am that killer with superpower where I could teleport and kill people within second. No one knows how I look like but the last thing they see before dying is only my cape. LOL... Ok, I think I should stop my dark side imagination here before it goes too far. Watching too much movie makes me have too much crazy imagination, but I think it's good at least there is still some creativity in me. wtf

I bet if I am really a killer I will choose this outfit. Hahaha... It's just so cool to be in black and white, walking with a long length cape, paired with a killer boots and of course I must give you the death stare. I think if there is the support of wind on that day blowing my cape, it will definitely look better but too bad I have to just swing it myself. Hahaha.. Maybe next time I should stand in front of a fan?

Shirt from mens_wardrobe
Long Cape from H&M
Pants from H&M
Boots from Dr.Martens

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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Browsing through my pictures and here I found some old outfit post that I have not published yet. LOL... Yes, I do always have a lot of hidden pictures in my computer that I do not even remember having it. Hahaha.. So looking at my hair colour, I guess it's somewhere 3 months ago? Having this bright hair was just like yesterday, this is how pictures always make me nostalgic. Even its only 3 months back! Hello, it's not like 3 years or 30 years ago. WTF! 

But looking back at my old pictures, I guess that my style did change compared to last time. I sometimes like wearing t-shirt out, paired with a simple skinny jeans and that's all I need. I tend to go for minimalistic style, stay with simple accessories but maybe I still love crazy hair colours. Hahahaa... Although there are still times that I will accessorize more, but wearing simple has become quite essential to me now on my daily life. I will just see what will my next style be, maybe from street style to a more dapper style? I think not so soon, but maybe when I am older. LOL

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