Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This background of my pictures remind me of Seoul Fashion Week because most of the street snap has a very similar background with this. I could only imagine that I am in Seoul with the background. Hahhaha... I am really envious on how Korean model could just wear anything and look so fashionable effortlessly. It's like anything on them turns out good, and anything that I wanna wear I have to think and mix and match for a few hours at home only I could walk out. UNFAIR!! LOL...

It's really annoying that Malaysia is facing water rationing issue, and what can be worst when you don't even have water to shower? I suddenly realize on how important water is in my life, and I could really go crazy when there is no water to shower. T.T Since there is only limited water supply, the amount of water is only enough for me to wash my body but not my hair. So the only solution is to wear a beanie out everyday so I do not need to wax my hair. Luckily I'm a member at Celebrity Fitness, so whenever I really need to take a shower and there is no water supply at my house, I will just go to the gym and shower. I bet many other people is doing the same because the toilet is packed but the work out area is quite empty. So everyone is just going to the gym to shower huh? Hahahaha....

Looking at top street styles, it is non other than a pair of denim, but ripped! Rip denim has been a trend lately all across, and the bigger the rips the better! LOL... Rugged looking, roll ups and big rip jeans is what you need in your wardrobe now. Maybe just dig out a few of your old jeans, rip it like a ripper, and you will see how this season makes imperfection beautiful.

Varsity Jacket from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y
Ripped Jeans from Topman

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Friday, April 25, 2014


It was one random day while me and my friends were having cendol in a mall, and suddenly one of my friend suggested that Malacca have better cendol. So we decided to have a one day trip down to Malacca just for cendol. LOL... It was on a very sunny and hot Saturday morning, and we reached Malacca around lunch time. I wanted to try the chicken rice ball because I see everyone having it when they are here, but the queue was fuc*ing INSANE!! There were so many people and they are willingly to queue under the hot sun just for that chicken rice??!! Better luck next time Brian, because I ain't gonna queue under that weather just for chicken rice! Hahahahha... So we went to Jonker 88 to have lunch, and no difference, the queue was crazy too but at least we queue inside the shop, so no hot hot sun!

The queue was long, there was no seats, it was hot and I was damn hungry! So I did not have the time and mood to snap all the food pictures, and also because my cendol has already melted when I finally found a place to seat. So frankly speaking, I do think that this place is kinda overrated like how my Malaccan friend told me because the food is really ok ok only. But the durian cendol at 三叔公 is not bad la, because it has quite strong durian taste and very sweet gula melaka. I like durian! YUMM!! :)

So being a tourist around Malacca, I went to A Famosa, Christ Church and of course Jonker street to eat! I somehow love historical building and architecture which has details of history or maybe just a feeling that I'm away from the modern city. 

Taking my outfit pictures in front of the Christ Church really enhance the ambiance of my pictures. It was quite a wrong choice to wear the leather vest because I did not expect the weather to be even hotter than KL, so the vest was like absorbing the heat and I was literally sweating and melting inside. LOL... So although I look cool in the pictures, but I was actually suffering from the hot sun and asking my friend to snap faster. Hahahhaa... I can't even open my eyes and I don't want to have red bean eyes (small eyes), so luckily there is my shades to the rescue!! Yayy!!wtf XD 

What I like most on this outfit is the venetian mask print on my tee and of course my new Puma Takumi 2014 collection sneakers!! You may not see what so special about this shoe, but wait till I let you have a closer look! 

As part of Puma exclusive 'Made in Japan' program, this collection is different from the iconic suede silhouettes because this shoe is boast with luxurious pony hair and full-grain horse leather uppers that are crafted using traditional Japanese techniques.Like where can you find leather and pony hair on other kicks?

 Venetian Mask Tee from Search Collection
Leather Vest from H&M
Jeans from H&M
Shoe from PUMA

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Sunday, April 20, 2014


It was Jean Paul Gaultier who first introduced the men-skirt to the runway back in 1984 from his Spring ’84 ‘Et Dieu Créa l’Homme’collection. But since then, there was always argument if men could wear skirt, and on the other hand, if women could wear pants, why not? But lately I realize, modern men are starting to be bold and to try something different from the status quo. Fashion for men is starting to evolve as it has become more diversified than ever before, with no longer just pants and shorts to choose from but a host of skirts, leggings, shirts, and everything in between. This is clearly seen from the example of men's SS13 collection where  Jeremy Scott designed an Arabic scarf-esque skirt, while street wear labels Hood by Air and KTZ have done tunics and robes for the past few seasons. And of course, there's the Givenchy leather skirt which arguably sparked the trend, famously sported by Kanye West.

So as you can see from this outfit, it is something that I have never tried before but yet another type of style that is so appealing and special to me. I kept the whole look minimalistic without overwhelming the outfit, but with the perfect combination of black and white, it's always so edgy and and yet so clean. 

Men-skirt from 黑街
Shoe from 黑街

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There is many definition for a fashion blogger, and each person will have a different perspective on this term. It is really not easy to be a fashion blogger, because the expectation of public will be hoping to see you write something that is special, wear and style outfit that is extraordinary and also expect you to always take outfit pictures that's always breathtaking. Being a fashion blogger myself, this is really not an easy task. 

I won't say that I am doing very well as a fashion blogger, because I am still learning along the way and through every journey I'm always looking for new inspiration. I don't admit that I know everything in the fashion industry, but I really hope to use my blog to at least inspire someone out there with my very own mix and match style. So for this outfit, it may seems a little rebellious but isn't that what a fashion blogger have to be sometimes? LOL... Tweed blazer has always been a classic for men's outfit, so although formal wear is not really my type, this tweed blazer totally changed my mind. 

In consideration with the hot weather, it's quite torturing to wear a tweed blazer and to pose under the sun. So wearing a blazer over the shoulder is a style that I personally like a lot but it may seem a little rebellious on how we usually wear a blazer. I get many questions like isn't it too troublesome to hang it on the shoulder? Doesn't the blazer falls off your shoulder? Why don't you just put your hands in the sleeve? Hahahahaha.... All these questions actually did made me laugh, but come to think of it, why question a fashion blogger? So to answer all these questions, I decided to walk out with this style is because I wanted to have a different look with blazer, you won't feel that hot compared to wearing a blazer that is wrapping you and NO! the blazer won't fall off that easily as long as you stand straight, because your shoulder will support the blazer just like a hanger. In another way, I think it's very good at least it make sure that I am not hunching. LOL... So remember, stand straight chest up and you are a "hanger" Hahaha...

Shirt from 黑街
Pants from Zara

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