Friday, March 28, 2014


It was Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash last weekend and since I have just finish my internship, I decided to dye a new hair colour to attend this big event! So let me blog about my hair first and then only about Nuffnang birthday party ok? Hehe... If you do "stalk" me a lot, you will know that my hair was like kinda gold/blonde and boring. Hahahha.. I always love bright and loud colours, and I consider myself daring enough to try it at least once in my life. #YOLO HAHAHA..WTF! So since I was so bored with my previous hair colour and due to my 3 months internship, I just can't do anything but leave it as it is. But since internship has finished, I was wondering why not go bold again? 

I went to Number76 saloon (Mont Kiara branch) to dye my hair, and after a long consideration on what colour to choose, finally I had my decision. If you follow my Instagram or FB, I bet you know what colour I did. If not, let me reveal it now! Hahaha...

Tadaaa!! I'm loving my new colour so much!! Thanks to my hairstylist Jeddy Lim (remember to find him if you want to have nice hairstyle, LOL),  he came out with a 3 shades of tone which are blue based with highlight of purple and green. Another thing that I like about Number76 saloon is that they have this ultra sonic treatment from Japan that could make your hair feel so moisture and healthy after doing it. It's really as magical as Harry Potter's magic wand! LOL... I also did the tansan head spa which is to clean and wash your scalp. Using normal shampoo could not completely clean our scalp, and with the food intake and our own body condition, there will be dead skin and some people may faced oily scalp problem too. This treatment could help to clean and remove dirt and excessive oil on hair and to reset the condition of your scalp. So my hair is feeling so healthy and my scalp is feeling so clean. My whole head is so happy! HAHAHAHA! Crazy >< So with this hair colour, I bet you could spot me even from far. My family said that I look like a peacock, but I think that peacock is a very nice bird. *syok sendiri* At least not something like ostrich or crow la. LOL..WTF  
Number76 Mont' Kiara:
ADDRESS:E-0G-02, Block E, Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111
STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

*Cue James Bond music* Call me Bond, Brian Bond. Hahaha... So the theme for this year Nuffnang Birthday is James Bond: Lost in Amazon. To be frank, I do not really know much about James Bond and the idea of this theme is from the first James Bond movie, Dr.No (1962) when I have not even exist in this world. LOL. So the venue for this party is at Barbecue Garden, which is located just above KL Live. Since it's an outdoor event, and the theme is lost in amazon, I decided to wear something simple but with some tropical feel. No way I'm wearing suit and tie for an outdoor barbecue event, before I can catch the bad guy I already kena heatstroke. Hahhaha...

So for every James Bond movie, definitely there will be a sexy bond girl beside him. It's very lucky for me, because Brian Bond met many sexy bond girls. Hahaha...

 Povy Teng (think) that she is thhe sexiest bond girl. Hahahha #isthatapun 

 This is the high fashion bond girl. Lumi :)

 With Jessica, we are the bright hair colour Bond and Bond girl. Hahaha

 With Bobo and Audrey! Hottest Bond Mama? LOL

 Both of them look more like killer to me. LOL... Nana and Daphne :)

With Cherrie and Maggie :)

I think we can go make a new movie liao, this time with 6 bond girls. LOL... Lastly, I would like to wish Nuffnang a very Happy 7th Birthday and let us look forward for more successful and exciting years to come.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Woohoo!! Blogging at 2am now because I can! My internship has finally ended and I'm feeling all so free! I can finally have my freedom back and also having more time to blog! Although it was quite stressful and tiring during my internship period, but I really enjoy the experience in learning so many new things. There is no other way in understanding and gaining experiences other than going through it yourself.

The first thing I did after my internship was to dye my hair! If you check out my FB or Instagram, you will know what crazy colour I have dyed and I will blog bout it soon. So stay tuned ya! :) After 3 months of working life, it's back to student life tomorrow. If you guys also study at Taylor's, maybe you will bump into me so remember to wave and say hi! But if I do look ugly (which usually that's how I look in uni), just walk pass me and ignore me ok? Hahhaa... I'm actually quite lazy sometimes to dress up in uni, especially if there is 8am class! @.@ I will be like a zombie walking into class. LOL...

So how many of you guys went to FMFA 2014? And how many of you is as sad as I am when they announced third day is cancelled!! I was so looking forward to watch Pharrel Williams and Mackelmore perform live, and when I am all ready to head out, they announce that they cancel day 3!! Seriously WTF! Now blogging bout it I still makes me feel sad :( But at least I went for day 2 and Armin Van Bureen is damn awesome!

This is my second rave of my life, and I went with my crazy hyper sis Povy Teng! She is obviously so much more excited than me, because the day before the event, she has already prepared all her glowing stick, glowing tiara and also bubbles! We were blowing bubbles and raving at the same time! There was also a Ferris wheel at FMFA, and it was my first time seating a Ferris wheel. I'm actually quite afraid of heights, so sitting in it was an awesome experince because you could look at the view on top, but it was also quite scary because I'm afraid that I will just fall down and die there! LOL.. WTF! 

 All pictures is taken by my iPhone and I did not took many pictures on that day because I did not bring my camera, so I was thinking to only snap more pictures on the third day. But...haizz..Thanks to those people that took drugs, and because of them everything is cancel. I don't blame the organizer for what has happened, because I know that's the only way to reduce the damage and also the reputation of this event. But here is an advice from me to everyone of you that love to party and rave, drugs is something that we should NEVER EVER touch! Rave should be a place where all of us appreciate the music and get high because of the music, but not getting high because of drugs. Don't ever try drugs because you just want to get high or because your friends is taking it, unless you want to end up like the 6 person that died due to drug overdose during FMFA! So party hard, and party smart! 

With Carolyn and Karena. They had cat ears that day, trying to be sexy cat woman huh? Hahahhaa... 

It's time for my outfit of the day. LOL... I was burning in flame that day because *cue music* this boy is on fire~~ this boy is on fire~~ Hahahha... The flame on my t-shirt really made me look like I'm burning, and with the hot weather here I think I was literally burning hot! LOL... You would definitely be sweating like hell at a rave, so simple t-shirt is always the best choice and checks is always so suitable for outdoor event, I think because it makes the outfit looks more hipster-ish? Hahahha... Behind of the t-shirt says "Swag 90". So where is my other 10% of my swag? Mana??!! LOL

 T-shirt from Zara

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I don't know how did you find this post or you click in because the title is weird, but this is really a post that is so different compared to my other post. Usually being on the internet, I know the risk of cyber bullying or even identity theft. I have also blogged about this issue before in my previous blog post, but it's not something that I will rant or complain about on my blog. Since everyone is using the internet, of course there will be pro and cons.

But just yesterday I found out from one of my followers that there is a shop that is selling a top that has my picture printed on it! I was actually quite shock and surprise that something like this happen because it's not like that picture is very nice, and if really wanna steal my picture please choose a nicer pic la! OMG!! I do not know which shop it is, and where is the manufacture, but I think it's so wrong to steal someone's pic on the net, regardless if you know him or her, and use it for your own profit! 

This is the picture that my follower sent to me, and seriously I was like wtf??!! It will be damn weird right if one day you are walking on the street and you find out someone is wearing your face on their body! OMG! I know that using my picture without my permission is a violation of copyright, but what can I do? I posted this picture on my FB page and Instagram, and some people commented that I should be happy and proud that my face is on a top? What are they thinking? I should be happy that someone is using my picture to earn a profit, and the owner of the picture which is ME is getting nothing??!! This does not make sense! Some said that I'm so popular that they are even selling clothes that have my face on it. I don't think it has anything to do with popularity because anyone of us could be a victim on such case.

So guys, if you see this selling anywhere, PLEASE DON'T BUY! If there is really people that is willing to buy, I rather me myself printing it and selling and not letting those bastards that stole my pic to earn a cent from it!! I'm not saying that they will be earning a lot, but event it's one cent, they also should not be deserving it! -.-

So guys, what do you think if something like this happen to you? Will you be happy and feel that you are so famous that's why people will print your face on a shirt, or will you feel the same like me? Feeling angry and piss that people is stealing your pictures without your concern and earning a profit from it? 

"So tell me, how would you feel and what would you do?..."

Friday, March 14, 2014


Geometric details has been such a trend lately, not just on art but also on fashion. It always has an abstract feeling which makes things very modern. The golden geometric details on my top is what that caught my attention, because it has the futuristic and modern element in it. The shinny surface of the details also created a great reflection in front of the camera, showcasing what an attention seeker this top is! Hahahha.... Pairing it inside is a bright blue checks shirt that compliment perfectly with black, and I also matched it with my blue NB shoe.

As I mention in my previous post that I have become more and more lazy, styling my hair is also something that I'm lazy to do today! Hahhaa.. So I finally got a chance to wear my bowler hat out and I totally love how it enhance to whole outfit to be more artistic! Not saying that I am artistic, it's just that the hat made me "look" artistic! Hahahha.. I actually wanted to try those very big hat, but my head is just too small for big hats! Even this hat is quite big for me, so bigger hat will just cover my whole head. LOL... Seems like I wont get a chance to pull off those big hat style, unless my head grow bigger? Hahaha.. WTF!

Bowler hat from H&M
Geometric details top from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Blue checks shirt from Zara
Black pants from H&M
Shoe from New Balance  

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Spent my weekend editing pictures and also updating my blog, seems like weekend is the only time for me to stay home and spend some bonding time with my blog. LOL... I'm so glad that there is just 2 more weeks, and my internship will officially end! It's not that I'm hating on my job or having a hard time, just that who love to work right?? Hahhaa... So obviously it's a valid reason for me to be happy, and I'm also glad that I have learned a lot during this internship period! :)

So maybe it's because of work, I realize that I have been quite lazy in dressing up. I always face this situation where I will just stare at my closet for 30 minutes and have no damn clue on what to wear! It's really torturing sometimes because you don't want to wear the same thing again and again, but you are lacking out of time. So for days like this, matchy matchy outfit is the best solution. Hahaha..You may think that wearing sweatpants out looks like you are ready to go to bed, but it has actually became a trend! I think that wearing sweatpants like this outfit paired with the matching top is very fashionable, especially when you are going out for a casual date or you just want to feel comfortable. This is actually my first time trying such sporty outfit, and I love how fashion and minimalistic could be together in my comfort zone.

This is really one of my favourtie outfit, being dull but comfortable. Pairing this whole outfit with my white high cut sneakers that also have matchy matchy horizontal details with my outfit.

Sweatpants and Top from 黑街
High cut sneakers from 黑街
Accessories from  黑街

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