Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So I don't usually do this but this is my first time doing a recap of my year. I am typing this early in the morning at 6am and I tell myself that I have to post this blog post before 2014 ends because it's a recap before a new year start right? LOL... So I actually thought for a while whether to write this post because I don't really have anything much special to recap as I'm not really living a very interesting or happening life. But then since I think it will be a good memory for myself in future when I read back this post, I decided to just roughly write about how did my 2014 pass. So I guess posting pictures will be much easier to recall and explain this year, so this will mainly be a more picture oriented post. Hahhaa... 

I remember early of the year I started my internship and it was the first time for me entering the working world and experiencing how the PR industry function. I must say that I have gain a lot of knowledge and experience during this internship but there is also some small issue that made me unhappy. But everything is over and all is well now, so let me just forget about the negative stuff and just make positive memories. I guess if you have been following me for quite some time you will know that I changed my hair colour quite often, so let's recap on my 2014 Mr.Brian See's hair colour. Lol..

Taa-daa! As you can see I have changed from blonde to purple/blue/green to grey to ash purple to blue but until after half of the year I decided to go back normal and dyed my hair back to a darker tone. I have actually since then stop dying my hair and it has been around 6 months so actually my hair colour now is my natural hair colour. 

How can I not party for a year? Actually I experience my first rave this year during the WOW Music Festival and the second rave was FMFA but unfortunately I only managed to attend one day because the last day was cancel due to fatal incident.   

One of my most memorable events of the year was attending KLFW and sitting at the audience seat admiring all creative and talented designer's collection. Kittie Yiyi's collection was definitely the scene stealer with her bright and lively collection and I'm just looking forward for her new collection next year! Kittie I believe you will make the fashion industry WOW again! :)

2014 was also me visiting the dentist again after god knows how many years! I did my teeth whitening early of this year and the result was very satisfying with my white shiny teeth. LOL...

Happy 21st Birthday Brian! I turned 21 this year at had my birthday party at Curious Goat cafe! It was really a great and memorable night celebrating with all my friends. I don't think I will be planning another big scale party next year. It's too tiring. Hahaha...

This is one event that I will scream for because I finally met my "boy god" Lee Min Ho very close up at the Osim press conference. OMG! I just can't believe how perfect he could be. 

This year I also worked on a video with Charis Ow about street fashion and also made an appearance in local artist Joe Chang MV! Check it out below.

Since I'm an event management student, it was a very busy year for me in organizing event and it was really not easy! Organizing real life event was really a challenge but also a good learning experience for me. This year me and my classmates organized Taylor's University first Color Run and also a kid talent search competition. I also helped out as a crew for Puma Night Run 2014!

I am also very grateful this year to have collaborated with Puma and Gap Malaysia to showcase their latest collection. It was really a great opportunity for me to have worked with these big brands.

Not forgetting working with professional and talented photographers that shot perfect pictures of me. LOL...

Photgrapher: Monkeyz Sean

Photographer: Jewel Ling

One of my dreams did come true this year too which is to be feature in magazine, and I was also very lucky to be featured in an international magazine, local newspaper and also went on my first live TV talk show. 

 Looks Magazine Indonesia
 The Sun newspaper

 Men's Uno Malaysia, January 2015

NTV7 Bella Talk Show

The most relaxing part of life will be going on holiday and I did went for a few getaway this year with my friends.

I also just spent my Christmas last week in Singapore :)

So basically all of the above wraps up my 2014 and I must say it was quite a good year. Another thing to be recorded this year is that I have finally finished my degree course!! There were ups and downs this year, obstacle and pressure, but I'm very grateful that I have successfully overcome all of it and made it through. For now I will just wish that 2015 will be a better year for me and I could also successfully pursue my dream in modeling. I always set a resolution for myself every year and looking back at some things that you have achieved is really very comforting because it makes you believe in yourself that you can actually do it. I hope that I would have more collaboration and modeling opportunity next year and I could achieve my dream to become a professional model in the fashion industry. I'm also not sure if this path is the correct path for me to move on, but I think that everyone deserves a chance in pursuing their dream and we all shall not give up so easily! Never try never know. Let's all chase and achieve our dream next year and I wish all of you a Happy New Year! May 2015 be a year that is full with peace and happiness! Till next year! Bye xoxo

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"I'm at a payphone taking some pictures..." and then I have no idea how to continue. lol... I always blog about how to mix and match different elements to create a different look but for this outfit I guess not much styling is needed. This is actually my first time trying on a one piece jumpsuit and I would say it is made for people that are lazy to style. Hahahha... It is actually very easy because you do not have to think what top to match which bottom because it's literally ready to wear out. Hahaha... Denim blue is also such an easy colour to pull off on a casual day. This outfit seriously save lots of my time before heading out and I guess I have another lazy-day outfit in my list now. LOL... I know that there is always some issues for girls who wear jumpsuit when they want to go to the toilet but it's not the same case for men's jumpsuit because there is still a zip at the pants so know...I think further elaboration is not necessary. Hahahha...

Jumpsuit from Mens Wardrobe
Shades from Medium Rare
Shoes from Taiwan 

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