Friday, December 27, 2013


Just look at the title then I bet you guys will know that this is a circus theme Christmas party. LOL... Yes, this is Nom Nom Media annual Christmas party, and if you guys don't know Nom Nom media is the main company of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. So for this year, their theme for the party is red, white, circus. It was quite challenging when I first received the invitation because I know red and white, but what is circus? How do I dress up for a circus theme?

With the very beautiful assistant country manager of Nom Nom media, Michelle Teh. This party was held last Friday (20th December 2013) at Signature@The Roof. Since it's at the roof, it's a rooftop restaurant! Woww!! LOL... Want to see my full outfit? Wait wait...

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very dreamy with a sense of class. I really like the interior design of the restaurant and of course finger foods is also served which is very delicious too. I reached around 8pm (and the party starts at 7pm =X), because I have to jam from my uni to Bandar Utama during peak hour so it's not my fault. Hahhaa... I was also glad to meet many familiar faces at the party and we just enjoyed the night talking, laughing and of course taking pictures. LOL....

It's a must have thing now when it comes to party, which is a photo booth. All of us love taking pictures, so taking pictures and having a hard copy on the spot is the most brilliant idea ever! There were also lots of lucky draw going on the whole night, but too bad, no luck for me :( Did not won anything home, but it's fine because I took lots of pictures at the photo booth. Hahhahaha

Don't you think that it's such a dreamy setting with all the lights hanging on the "tree" and me holding a bunch of helium balloon. LOL... The balloon was actually decoration all around the restaurant, but I decided to collect a few of them and take some awesome pictures. Hahahhaa... And this is basically my full outfit look of the night. I followed the theme which is red and white on my top, where I paired a plain simple white shirt with my bright red leather jacket. To add in some cuteness (which I think wtf) I opted a cute red bow tie to finish my upper look. For my pants, I totally have no idea what is circus theme, and the only element that came in mind was stripes. So black and white stripes pants was my best choice to finish the whole look. What do you guys think? :) Hehehe

 With the beautiful blogger, Povy. She really put in a lot of effort in dressing up and also on her make up. Such a cute girl with a loud personality. Hhahaha...

 So this is my partner in crime gang. Clockwise from top: Yours truly, Spellman, Karena and Carolyn. When four of us meet, be sure to have lots of juicy gossip. Lol.. XD

 So who don't know this funny guy. The awesome dancer, Dennis Yin. He is really funny and bubbly, always so cool with jokes. He makes jokes cool.

Woohoo!! Dmingthing (Ming Han) that creates awesome, funny YouTube videos. So nice meeting him, friendly to the max!

So basically this sums up the whole fun and joyful Christmas party, and I'm surely looking forward for the next Nom Nom media party!


Sunday, December 22, 2013


Woohoo!! I'm jumping in joy now because finally my exam is over and I can relax for just a bit. Although it's just a bit but I really need it, so it's better than nothing. LOL... Have been so busy for the past 2 weeks due to my final exams, so you will realize how I have not updated my blog recently. But there is this new apps call Dayre, and I do update quite often over there on some of my random stuff, so you could follow me at Dayre. Username : mrbriansee :)

Although I'm on holiday, but now I'm caught with cough and flu which really sucks! I think it's because of my exam stress and all the sleepless night, so here comes the sickness. Haizzz...

So since I have been so busy for the past few weeks, this is also an outfit post that I have taken a few weeks back. Hahahha.... Just look at my hair then you know, cause I have already redye my hair colour. No more black roots! So I wore this outfit for my interview because I'm gonna start interning next month. And yes!!!! I got the job!! Hehe ^^ So back to this outfit, interview is actually a very formal meeting and first impression is very very important. So I decided to go formal and nothing with prints and pattern but just the basics. I admit that I'm not really good in dressing formal, but a shirt and blazer will never go wrong. So I decided to go with the basic black shirt but opted a more dark blue blazer that still compliment the whole outfit.

I was actually really nervous because it's my first time going for an interview and it's at a PR firm. I totally have no idea on what they will ask me or what I should expect. Another thing that I would want to share is looking for a job is not easy!! I have applied for at least 10 company, and guess how many got back to me? Only 2! And it's not like after sending an email, they will reply you "hey, come over and have an interview with us :) " NO!! It's not that simple. After sending them email, I still have to call the company and send follow up email just to make sure they read at least one page of my resume. Now I know how hard life is, and how difficult it is to survive!! 

I also feel that time really passes so fast that I have grown up and it's time to face the real world. I know that working in the real industry will be so much different compare to uni life, but I'm also quite looking forward to start my intern next month to gain more experience. Everyone have to learn from experience right? But I'm lucky and glad that both my interview went very well, and I have secured a position in a PR firm. After starting my internship, I really hope that I will still have the time to blog but I don't think I will have that much opportunity to snap my outfit pictures because my company need us to wear formal to work! I HATE IT! T.T But I think updating FB and Instagram won't be a problem la. So remember to follow me there too! Haha

So that's all for now la, will update more soon. :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Everyone love some cold beer because it's always so refreshing and chilling, but this time Tiger made it more special. Thanks to Tiger Beer for the invite, I attended the Tiger Radler beer launch last week at KL Live. So what so special about Tiger Radler? It has the combination of Tiger Beer with lemon, and this enhance the sweetness of the beer and also the refreshing sensation of the lemon.

It was an exclusive party, and I am so glad that I am one of the first to try this new beer. I personally is not a big fan of beer because usually beer have that bit of bitter taste in it, but trying this beer the other night made me madly in love with it. Sometime life is very unexpected because you won't know what will the outcome be. It's like learning new things in life, we won't know if we could really be proficient in it but we just have to try. So luckily Tiger tried the blend of beer with lemon, and the outcome is perfectly brilliant.

So here is my full outfit. I always love to mix and match different element and see how the outcome is. Like what I mention above, we just have to try. LOL... So I matched this batik print top that have the "dato" feel with a simple black pants. Hahhaa... So to make the whole outfit not too mature or "old", I wore a pair of bright blue sneakers to balance it out.  So at the top you will see a more mature me, but at the bottom is a very young energetic me. Anytime ready for a run. Wtf.. XD

Print top from 黑街
Black pants from H&M
Sneakers from 333 Store

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Monday, December 9, 2013


It's Christmas time again, and it's the season of giving and sharing. Christmas has always been one of my favourite festive season of the year because the atmosphere everywhere will be so jolly and merry. I think I just used two of Christmas keywords in one sentence. Hahhaaa... 

So for this year, Sunway Pyramid has decorated their mall with angels wings and this comes with a meaningful story behind. I was more than delighted to be invited as one of the guest for the launch of Sunway Pyramid's Wings of Hope campaign in collaboration with Children's Wish Society of Malaysia. The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and funds for terminally ill children to grant their last wish.

I do admit that sometimes in life I do complain a lot and somehow is unappreciative on what I'm having. But after attending this event, it totally gave me wake up call and reflects on how fortunate I am growing up healthily and even one day achieving my dreams.  Every children has a dream, and hoping that they could achieve it one day. But what if, some of them won't have the chance for that one day?

Btw, I find it quite funny on how Fourfeetnine is looking at me in this picture. Hahhahaa...

During the event, Sunway Pyramid granted the wish of 3 less fortunate children and making their wish come true.
 Chong Poey Yuan last wish is to sing for the crowd, and Sunway Pyramid gave him the stage and opportunity to let him sing in front of everyone. He sang You Raise Me Up and If I Let You Go. It was really a touching moment looking at him achieving his dream. 

Elvin Raj and Chong Jun Kit are diagnose with muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a illness that will deteriorates the muscles. Elvin's dream is to become and policeman and Jun Kit's dream is to become a pilot. They were awarded with their uniform and Sunway also prepared a helicopter ride for Jun Kit making his wish come true. This is also my first time being at a helipad and being so close to a helicopter.

So we should really be appreciative on what we are having now and never give up in fighting for our dreams. Stop the complain and be thankful for what God and our parents gave us. You could also be a faerie and be part of this Wings of Hope campaign. Just head over to Sunway Pyramid and donate RM10 for one feather where you can stick it on the large angel's wing. All funds will be donated to Children's Wish Society of Malaysia in granting the last wish of others less fortunate children. You could make a difference and add a smile on their face during this festive season. Giving is also a way of receiving, so let's give these children the sweetest last smile by fulfilling the last wish that makes this worthwhile.


Top from 黑街

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