Saturday, July 27, 2013


So to be a little different from my previous outfit, which was many black and white, this time I decided to go for something more extreme, playing with prints on prints and of course many colourful details.

I know sometimes we like to play it the safe way, keeping up just with some dull colour. That's me too sometimes, but for this time, I wanted to give it a new try. Recently I'm totally in love with details on my t-shirt, just like this one I'm wearing. Colourful and precise details that looks so vivid, totally create the whole visual attraction.

Another element that I like a lot recently is shirt on waist. This trend has totally come back and became a hit as you can see many models and celebrity is having this style too. So I match this Simpson denim shirt tied on my waist with my quarter harem pants, both of them which is also rich in prints and details. 

As I mention before, when I'm lazy to style my hair, a cap will always be my best choice because cap has the SWAG!! LOL.. I really love this 3D swag cap that my friend bought for me as my birthday present.

 Bart Simpson denim shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】

 KTZ inspired pants from 黑街

Diamond Print T-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】


Monday, July 22, 2013


It was such a hectic and busy weekend for me, from MV shooting to attending event. If you do follow my Instagram, you will know that I'm shooting a MV for local group artist- Gina!! Can't wait till the MV is release, should be around end of August (I think, haha) Although it was very busy, but I still enjoy the process and I'm also very glad to meet many new friends. :)

I still have so many outfit post to update, but have been quite busy, so delay abit. 2 more exams paper to go lagi!! Haizz... Even the sponsors is rushing me already, hahahhaha I'm sorry >.< I always love the colour black and white, and I think it's also the most basic and simple colour to match any outfit. Whenever I have not enough time to think on my outfit, I will just grab anything black or white. LOL

So same goes to this outfit, one simple black shirt matched with monochrome exotic prints pants. I always wanted to try something more appealing at the bottom, it's kinda boring if it's always your top the attraction. So I love how this monochrome details on the pants compliment so well with the simple black shirt. When you don't have prints on top, go bottom. LOL

Since it was such a sunny day, it's more than suitable for me to wear this big round shades to go with this monochrome outfit. The sun, the colour and the shades, great opportunity for me to act cool. Hahhaahahha...

 Monochrome Print Pants from 黑街

Gold Collar Cuff from 黑街


Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello again, it's another late night post. I just like to do things when it's late at night, maybe I'm a vampire. (too much Vampire Diaries, LOL) I just feel that when it's midnight, everyone at home is sleeping, I will have the mood to write and study even though I'm sleepy. So it's the same for now, choosing to blog at this time of the hour (2.35am) and I still have MV shooting tomorrow. *will update more on the MV shooting soon, stay tune on my blog :)*

I really dream that I could go to Paris now, enjoy the romantic and artistic atmosphere there. Although I have been to Paris before, but that was when I was young, and that time I totally did not know how to enjoy it. So for now, I will dream that I'm in Paris, and one day my dream will come true. LOL... Actually speaking of Paris, it was actually the setting of this outfit shoot. When my friend took this pictures, he said that the background feel is like Paris street. Maybe he is just lying to me because he just wanted me to snap my outfit pic quick. Haha.. I am actually quite picky on the location to snap my pictures, cause I want it to look nice. Hehe :) So do you think it has some Paris feel in here?

So coming back to this outfit, I bet you have saw it on my previous blog post about Chatime press conference event. You know how black and white will always be the safe colour and the best colour to match, so I wanted to wear something more simple and minimalistic. This oversize sweater is just so easy to match with and also so comfy wearing it. To keep things simple, I did not overwhelm the outfit with too many accessories, but just with one eagle necklace that match perfectly with the prints on my sweater.

I love how prints could be so alive, which makes the whole outfit more interesting. Don't you think the eagles are flying around me? They are having so much fun. Hahahahhaa.... XD

Sweater from 黑街

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chatime Malaysia 100th Outlets Milestone

Cute invitation card from Chatime

I am so happy that I was invited to join Chatime Malaysia's 100th Outlets Celebration press conference on the 12th July 2013 at Publika Mall, all thanks to the courtesy of ChurpChurp Malaysia as they are one of the main sponsor for this campaign. I believe there is no need for any introduction on Chatime, as all of you will know what it is. In the span of 2 and a half years, they have now successfully opened their 100th outlets nationwide.  

 Do spot Churpie on the cup of Chatime next time :)

A seat that is reserved for me (don't take my seat!! LOL)

With the handsome Chatime Malaysia CEO, Mr.Bryan Loo

Now with 100 outlets, Chatime Malaysia is in a prominent position to do more for the arts with its nationwide reach. Along with this achievement, it will act as the main sponsor for its biggest art collaboration to date: the Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition ’13 – an initiative curated by Little Ideas Everyday (L.I.E) to promote local art and local fruit appreciation in the country. The exhibition features 40 internationally known Malaysian artists and designers, and was held from 12 – 14 July 2013, 10am – 10pm at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Here are some awesome art work from all talented local artist in this Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition ’13
 Chatime Malaysia Ceo, Mr.Bryan Loo and Driv Loo, spokesperson of MB-BT’13 officially launching the Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition ’13

 In conjunction with its 100 outlets milestone, Chatime will be rolling out several activities. The first is the launch of its FruiTea Fuel Up! series – four brand new delightful flavours, created based on the requests and preferences of fans nationwide. Featuring Pear Juice, Pear Fruit Green Tea, Honeydew Milk Tea, and Honeydew Smootea. The new additions are available from 12 July 2013 at all 100 Chatime Outlets Nationwide (except Chatime Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall)

 From 20 July 2013, Chatime will be having a celebratory roadshow at selected outlets, and the FIRST 100 at the Road Shows can look forward to 100 Free drinks, 100 BPoints for 100 Thirstea Members, LOTS of goodies & lucky winners can stand a chance to walk away with a Samsung Galaxy S4!!!I will be participating at one of the roadshow, which is on the 21st of July (8pm) at Sunway Pyramid!! I will be giving out free drinks for the first 100, so please do come by to support and stand a chance to win awesome prize!! Hope to see you guys there!! :)

For more details and updates, check out Chatime Malaysia’s FB page (

Saturday, July 13, 2013


So I guess many of you will know what is Simspon, who is Homer Simpson and of course his son Bart Simpson. Looking at my title of this blog post, I'm sorry to say that Bart is dead. LOL...I'm not really a big fans of Simpson, I still remember when I was younger, my sis and bro love to watch Simpson and I will rather watch other TV programmes. Maybe it's also because I don't fancy cartoon much, and I think that Simpson always do stupid things. XD

 But this t-shirt of Bart totally made me want it. Just look at his face, I think he is dead because he plays his skateboard on the road, and a car just bang him. Hahhahaa, ok I know I'm being lame in all this imagination. Totally wtf =.=  This outfit was taken back when the haze invaded Kuala Lumpur, and I still happily having my outfit shoot outdoor. (I just have to, for all my readers. XD) Now you know how much I sacrifice myself just for all of you. LOL... So I think it's because of the haze, the picture look a little gloomy and dusty? I have already tried my best in editing it. This the best that i can do. Hahhahaa *edit fail*

Since Simspon is a cartoon, I don't want to make the outfit look so childish. Although I think that this face is not so child friendly. LOL... But still, spike jacket and spike shoe still bring the edgy look overall. To enhance the outfit, a bright red pants was the perfect choice for me. I think my hair itself have already enhance the outfit. What do you think? LOL

Golden Spike necklace from Forever 21

Bart t-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Studded clutch from Ellui Accessories 

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