Saturday, June 29, 2013


Woohoo, finish two presentation for today and it was such a relief. As you all know I have been working hard on my assignments lately, that's why I have not much time to blog. But finally, my PR proposal is done. I have been staying up till 3am every night and only getting an average of 3-4 hours of sleep everyday. O.O I think I will be transforming into a zombie real soon. LOL. 

So for this PR proposal, me and my group member have been working hard for the past 4-5 weeks. But hard works paid off, we had the opportunity to work with students from Deakin University, Australia. It was just a great and fun experience working with students from Australia, and not to mention, they were such good and friendly people. 

Awesome group mates and partners from Australia :)

Of course we have to bring them around KL for some awesome local drinks and food

Meet Laura and Kate, very friendly ( and also professional) people from Australia. It was such an awesome experience working with them :)
Sometimes when assignments is hard, I'm glad there is still fun moment to balance out the stress. Example: meeting with awesome people from other country and of course making an assignment fun and interesting. As I mention in my previous post, I had done a media kit for one of my assignment and there were also pictures taken for my catalog. So to not put them in waste, I just have to share some of my outfit that I have shoot.

So that's all for this post, overwhelming all of you with my outfit pictures. LOL.. But I hope you guys enjoy :) 

Monday, June 24, 2013


Alright, if you have seen this pictures in my Instagram few weeks ago, you know that I was doing a photoshoot and I said that it was for an assignment of mine. (and I promise to blog bout it, so here it is) :) Before all of you think that my assignment is so fun and enjoying, you are wrong, let me clarify. 

My group was assign to create a media kit for the media for the launch of our own brand. For those that do not know what is a media kit, it's like a package of information about your company and product given out to the media. Inside the package usually include press release for the event and company, product information, invitation card and also any other promotional material as an attraction and souvenir to the media. *feeling clever* LOL

So for my group, we planned to come out with our own fashion brand, MITCH which derived from the word MIx and MaTCH. So it's just something for assignment, it's not real. We are not really launching this brand. LOL.. So now, let me show you our hard work and outcome of the media kit !! :)

Name card ( I label myself as fashion creative director) LOL


Invitation card (again, this is not real!!)
We also design a catalog for our collection :)

All outfit model by me . hehe :p

This is actually stickers, the white one is transparent sticker

And lastly, to put all material in a media kit, this is it. Transparent clutch. Classy and edgy.

So my team and I actually spend a lot of time doing this assignment. There is the writing part, and the most killing part is actually the design part. We are not design student, we do not even know how to design. But luckily thanks to one of our group member Felicia, she manage to design the brochure, the catalog, the calender and everything so creatively. And not to mention, this whole media kit is not cheap!! I really want to keep all the stuff, but too bad, it's all for the lecturer. :( But I'm really glad that we have hand in this assignment, and it's really a great satisfaction looking at our outcome. 

Lastly, thanks too all of my group members!! We are awesome :)
From left: Lekiyo Lee, Ong Ju Wei, Brian See, Wong Suek Yieng, Felicia Chong

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yes, it's 12am on the dot now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! Wishing happy birthday to myself. I want to be the first person to wish me happy birthday, yayyy, I made it!! LOL

So I'm turning 20 this year, walking into the second decade of my life, I don't know should I be glad to grow up or sad to be growing older. But for me, I don't think 20 is old, it's just another stage in life with more things to learn and experience. When I was younger, birthday is always a big deal to me. I will remind my mum one month earlier, and countdown till my birthday so that she could throw me a party or at least remember to buy present for me. LOL. But when you start to grow older, birthday seems to be another normal day. This year, with assignments clashing with my birthday, I nearly forgotten that it's my birthday today. Hahhaaa... So due to the overload assignments, I do not even have time to plan and celebrate my birthday. But I'm glad that my family and friends still remember my big day :) Thank you so much

So do stay tune on my blog, more updates once all my assignment is done. Please don't abandon this page :) 

Once again, HARPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! hehe  

Saturday, June 15, 2013


  Woohoo!! So happy that it is finally weekend, and I'm feeling so bless that I can sleep till noon. Haha. With all my assignments, I have only been sleeping like 3 hours per day, and it really made me look like a walking zombie in uni. So I'm here now, putting my assignments aside first, and updating another outfit post!! Happy? LOL

This few pictures I know look much better than my other pics, because it was taken in a studio, with good lighting, good camera and also make up and hair all set nicely. All of this thanks to the courtesy of my assignment. If you are wondering how having assignment is related to nice pictures? Just wait, I will blog bout it soon. hehe :) 

So what do you think of this outfit? I know not many guys could accept too many flowers, bright colours, but this is what you should wear to be a flower boy (花美男).  HAHAHHAHA, joking joking. XD It's just that we have to change sometimes, step out of being boring, so why not try something floral. Since it's summer, and I can tell you, floral prints trends is the hit now. Floral jacket matched with details printed t-shirt, burgundy pants and bright red studded shoes, I fell that this outfit made me so playful and energetic. 

I think I could consider myself patriotic? Why? Just look at the flower that is on my jacket, it's Malaysia National Flower- hibiscus!! Awww, this shows how much I love my country. LOL

Floral Print jacket from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Arghhh!! I know that you guys will hate me for not updating my blog for so looong. I'm sorry :( I'm also hating myself for abandoning this space, but I really just can't help it. Let me tell you my reason before you start hating me kay? LOL (I know that you won't la. hehe) I have 10 assignment due in one month!! Yes, 10!! I am really gonna die by staying up late every night doing my assignments. Daytime is discussion, so night time is assignments. I have to squeeze every minute of my time, and luckily I manage to squeeze a few minutes out to update my blog here :) ..... then back to assignments. :( 

Sometimes whenever passing by shops that sells formal clothes, it will hardly catch my attention because I don't know why, mostly all formal clothes is in black,white,grey,brown = BORING. lol. So since it's summer, (for Malaysia always summer. haha) I think that we should wear something colourful, something that could brighten our day. 

So for this outfit, I was thinking should I go for smart casual? Casual? or Casual smart? LOL. Alright, it's indeed very confusing. So who cares? I just grab whatever that grabs my attention in the closet and just match it together. So it was this blue blazer and a floral t-shirt. I think that it's still fine to match a plain blue blazer with something that has more details and colour in the inside. And of course, wearing a t-shirt inside is always more comfortable. 

Floral t-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】


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