Thursday, March 28, 2013

G.I Joe Retaliation 3D

Hello everyone, just a short update for today's post. If you are an action film fans, I bet you know that G.I Joe is back, and is screening today at all cinema nationwide. I went to the premiere lately thanks to ChurpChurp for the invites, and I watched G.I Joe retaliation in 3D! Woohoo!! 

Basically I have watched G.I Joe:The Rise of Cobra back in 2009. But it was too long ago, so I actually have forgotten the storyline. But watching the sequel , I got back some memories (like I'm having Alzheimer's disease, LOL). So for this movie, Zartan has impersonate the President of the United Sates and frame G.I Joe as a traitor to the country. The main antagonist, Cobra Commander has an evil plan to dominate the world by eliminating the world's nuclear weapons. And there is where the retaliation plan of G.I Joe begins.

Speaking about the cast, if you are a fans of Korean actor, you won't want to miss out Byung-Hun Lee role as Storm Shadow in this movie. And for all the girl fans out there, watching it in 3D is awesome. Imagine looking at Byung-Hun Lee's muscles and abs in 3D effect? HAHAHAHA *crazy* 

So don't miss G.I Joe Retaliation in 3D !!
And here is a simple outfit of the day :)

Skull Head top from- 黑街
Skinny Jeans from - H&M
(sorry for the low quality of the pictures, cause I snap it using iPhone 5 >.< )

Handcuff bracelet- 黑街  
To have a great match with my top, I wore this skull head cap. A very skeleton day. Haha

Monday, March 25, 2013


My holiday is finally coming to an end. Will gonna start my class this Thursday, and somehow I am quite excited to go back to class. Haha.. Having a 3 months long holiday break just makes me feel so bored, and when it's coming to an end, I realize how unproductive I have been. >.< 

So for you people that just got your SPM results, I bet your holiday is also coming to an end, and college life is starting real soon. I just realize that time flies, still remember the moment I got my SPM results 2 years back, but luckily I have made up my mind in studying what course. If many of you have not decide to take what course, it is best to think on your own interest rather than following majority, or what your parents want you to be. *parents should let your own children choose* LOL

I always believe that we should live a life that what we enjoy most, but not what people want us to be. Luckily my parents is very understanding on this issue, and let me made my own decision. I am quite happy and of course not regretting in choosing Mass Communication. Many people may think that it is something easy, but I can just say, there is nothing easy in university. Every course requires you to read, to write and to present. It just depends on which one more. So why not choose something you will enjoy? 

I know that going back to class this sem will be much more tougher. Just looking at the subjects name already made me worry. Haizzzz..... Assignment and exam, something that I HATE!! (who don't?) LOL... So before going back to the stress zone of life, it's better to enjoy to the fullest the stress-free moment of holiday!! Gathering with friends, holiday trip and of course PARTY!! 

I am not a party animal, although I love party alot. I really seldom club and go out till very late (I do have curfew, and my parents is still very strict to me) :( So going to club is really once in a blue moon. So luckily this time I had the chance to party before class starts, and also to party with high school friends. Something that we had never done together before. LOL

Prettiest girls from high school. hahahahha..
Mika Shu ;)
With Chuei Shan. just back for a few days, and flying off again.
Leng Lui Ewon ^^
Pey Yan in the middle. All time partner in crime ;)
Mer Sie.
Having the "flash is too bright" expression. LOL. With Pey Yan and Venes
Ok, I think that's all for this post. Wanted to have a short post, and realize I wrote so much above. HAHA... I think it's time to turn off my holiday mood, and start preparing for study mood. NO!!! :(

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver and Flower

 So this outfit will be another mix and match outfit. I love how different texture and pieces could mix together to create a totally different look or outfit. Many of you may think that I would not have problem in choosing what to wear, but that's wrong. Recently when I open my closet, I just realize something bad and good. The bad thing is, I have nothing new to wear. But the good thing is, it means I am not spending so much on buying new clothes. LOL. And with this issue on hand, I think it did provoke my creativity in mix and matching outfit. 

 So I found this dark grey top that I remember I bought last year, but yet have not wore for many times. The reason I love it is because there is silver embellishments on the shoulder. This element totally enlighten the whole outfit. Because of the low collar of the grey top, (and I have no buff chest. LOL), I paired it with a black floral print shirt inside to cover my skinny chest. HAHA. And spring is here, which means floral prints is coming back to life. 

You will never get wrong with floral prints at this time of the year. It is a must have and will see element on most of the S/S collection runway every year. You can have one piece of floral print shirt, keep it till next year spring, and it will be a must have item again. (tell you a secret, I got this floral print shirt last year. shhh..hahahaha)

Silver embellishments on the shoulder with floral prints.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


So since it's my sem break now, and I mentioned that I am very bored, so me and my friend plan to do something healthy. We plan to go for cycling. Ok, exercise it's actually not my thing, and I really do not like sports alot. (except hitting the gym 3 times a week) that's the only thing that I do to make me sweat. But then I think it's fun, to cycle once in a while, because the last time I cycle on a bicycle was around 2 years ago. 

So as planned, we went to Bukit Cahaya that is located at Shah Alam to cycle. So I am gonna blog bout my cycling trip. Woohoo!! haha. No outfit post,  so I think this is what happen when fashion blogger has no outfit to blog about. LOL. No lah!! I just wanna share my life, so please continue reading ok? Hehe :) 

See, the place is actually nice and fresh, full with sunlight and greens. So we rented a bicycle, and started to cycle around the place. It was actually fun at first, but when we have to cycle up hills, damn tiring!! LOL. But also very syok when we are cycling down the slope la, cause it's so fast. haha. But I wish got car to fetch us back up. haha. Damn exhausting to cycle up the hill. So at some point, we decided to push the bicycle up and walk. LOL.... *so lazy*

So the whole journey was actually cycling and taking pictures. So now let the pictures do the talking. And all these pictures shows how can we pose at anywhere effortlessly. LOL

A deer crossing signboard. But I don't see any deer. Monkey got alot la. LOL

See, I can even pose with a signboard. Anytime anywhere. hahahaha.....

With Pey Yan, a very good friend and partner in taking pictures. That's what we do most of the time. XD

With Mer Sie, we share the same hobby. Posing everywhere. Hehe

See me floating?? haha.... It's weird when I don't pose weird. :p

Another crazy one. I was actually trying to balance myself on the swing.

Look at my sweat, and you know how hot it is. But it's a good exercise though.
Yup, so that's all!! Glad that I sweat alot, and did some healthy exercise. And also glad to have friends to do it with me. Cycling and taking loads of pictures of course!! LOL :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Alright, if you had read my previous post, you will know that I was quite confuse on whether to continue blogging. But after receiving feedback from my readers, and also followers that write in to me, all of your support is really appreciated. Thank you again. So as promise, I will blog on another outfit post. :) Yayy!! 

So everyone deserve a second chance, so what am I talking about here? haha.. Alright, if you do read and follow my blog constantly, you will realize that the top and blazer is something that I have wore before. But what I think is, if it's something that you like, why can't we wear more than once? As long as you mix and match it , it looks good, then it's worth the price.

 So for this outfit, I style it in a different way compare to my previous one. If you do remember my previous outfit post on this top, I matched it with a cap and made the whole outfit more simple to enhance the prints on the top because I love it so much. This fox head prints is really one of the reason why I will wear it again and now matching it with a blazer without tucking in my top, just to have more sense of layering in this outfit. Lastly, burgundy pants just to lighten up the whole look from dullness. 

Do you see how lively the fox look? Sometimes I'm afraid that it will jump out and bite me. hahahaa. But I think I feed him well LOL
Leather Blocking Blazer- 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Fox Printed Top- Bangkok
Burgundy Pants- H&M

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