Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Any Paramore fans out there? If you are one, I bet you went to the Return of Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2013 concert that was held on the 17th February 2013 at Stadium Negara. I am so glad that I went this time, because I totally missed their last concert here at Malaysia during 2010. So how can I miss such awesome rock concert once again? 

Paramore lead singer - Haley Williams.
For those that do not know who is Paramore (you should really get to know more about this awesome band) , Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York.

When I arrived at the stadium around 6pm, the main door was already packed with hundreds of Paramore die hard fans,  waiting for the door to open, just to grab the best view and the closest view of the concert. Around 8pm, the concert started with special guest performance by Philadelphia-based post-hardcore rockers Me Without You. But on my opinion, I think it's a really long performance from a special guest, as they sang for almost an hour, and everyone in the stadium is eagerly waiting for Paramore to perform. 

Fans that is all ready to rock the night with Paramore!!
 And finally the moment has arrived, at 9pm Paramore started the show with their lastest hit track "NOW" that vowed everyone in the stadium including me. The band then delivered many other hits track from their albums including hits like Brick By Boring Brick, Decode, Monster that made the whole atmosphere so energetic and the crowd jumping and shouting just for them. At the end, Paramore did 18 songs, and I am totally impressed with the stage performance of the band and also Hayley's awesome vocal. It was such a awesome rocking concert!! 

This is the energy that Hayley gave the crowd and how she rock the stage!! *salute*
  Alright, so for now, what did I wear? haha...How can I not blog bout my outfit right? 

So when I was choosing my outfit, I was thinking what should I wear to a rock concert? I can't wear something to thick, because I know that I will totally jump and shout, it will be too hot for me. So I decided to matched a baroque print t-shirt that is so vivid in colour with my studded denim vest. And I like how the light colour denim vest matched perfectly with the t-shirt that is more lively which did not end up making my top too overwhelming. As for my pants, I chose this harem pants that I would usually don't wear to special occasion because I feel that it is too casual and comfortable. But for a rock concert, I would love the word comfortable. LOL. I could totally jump and move around like crazy in harem pants comfortably. 

Snake rings. (for the year of snake?) LOL
Black and gold studded accessories. This rocks!!

Paramore concert pictures credits to Livescape Asia 

Friday, February 22, 2013


Come on, let's join the military. Hahaha, I was just joking. I think I would never want to join the military, and thank god I was not chosen to join the national service in my country. This blog post title is totally something that I would not even think about in my life, but it is totally relevant for this outfit post. :)

 Do I look like I am in the army? LOL.. I actually don't think so. XD But the main point is, I am totally in love with this camouflage sweater that I found from Zara. I know that camouflage has been a trend lately, and many celebrities has been seen wearing camouflage outfit. So I totally wanted to have one in my closet. So thank god, because while I was shopping in Zara, (and it was sales time) this sweater totally caught my attention. So I don't find any reason for not bringing it back home. Haha

So for this outfit, I matched a white shirt with studded collar inside and pair it with camouflage sweater as the outer layer. I really like how layering makes the whole outfit more appealing. I know that it is really hard to wear such thick layer out, especially living in a country like Malaysia. Whenever I am all dress and ready to go out, my mum will definitely ask me that how can I even stand wearing thick clothes out with weather that is so hot. LOL... I think I just got used to it and it is the price to be fashionable. haha... That's why, sometimes I really hope that there is winter in my country, and layering outfit will be my main option. So I think I will travel to winter country one day just to have a chance to wear awesome winter outfit. HAHA

I feel that this 3 stars is also very special, because it makes the whole outfit not so boring and also, it makes me feels like I'm some kind of general. hahahaa
Camouflage sweater from Zara

Saturday, February 16, 2013


So this is actually a backdated post on my outfit for my friend's farewell dinner. Just last week, I had a farewell dinner with a bunch of other friends for my school mate because she will be leaving to Australia to continue her studies. 

 I had some dilemma to whether wear something casual or formal to this dinner. I bet some of you have faced the same situation before, that you are afraid wearing shirt will be too formal, but wearing t-shirt will be too casual? 

 Don't take it wrongly that wearing a shirt will look formal. Why not mix and match something with your shirt, I'm sure somehow there is a way to "casualize" the whole outfit. So for this outfit, I matched my black shirt with a contrasting cardigan to make it more casual, and also pairing it with a pair of grey jeans. No blazer, no slacks, this is not formal. LOL...

MCM inspired clutch and Hermes inspired bracelet
Gold Spike Collar Pin and Gold Spike Cross Chain. They are not a set, but I think that they match each other perfectly well. :)

So now you could wear something that is not all formal nor all casual. I think this is my way of smart casual. :) 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! How is your CNY going on so far? Finally I have the time to stay at home today and blog, because the first and second day of CNY is always busy for me. Hopping from one relative house to another. HAHA... But really lucky that all my relatives stay in KL, and my hometown is in KL. I do not have to travel far, or to be stuck in jam for hours. 

So I think most of you is having a good time during this festive season, and all I do is eat,eat and eat. And yes I am so happy that I can blog today, because I wanna blog bout my new outfit :)

So varsity jacket and galaxy prints has been a hit in stores lately, so what bout combining both of them together? I found this wonderful galaxy print varsity jacket from a blogshop, and totally I'm in love with the details. 

I have no idea why, but I always have great impulsive  towards galaxy prints. And what I like about this jacket is the details of the leather sleeves matching it with the galaxy prints. It's not so overwhelming which makes the whole outfit looks just perfect. And don't you think when you stare at the galaxy, you could imagine how the universe is moving, and how it makes the whole look so vibrant? (or maybe it's just me going crazy, LOL) 

Tadaaa!! Always wanted this spike cap but have no idea on how to match it. So I decided to go on with this outfit. After trying it on, I realize that this spike cap is really very versatile in outfit. As you all know, wearing a cap could be very casual, but with a cap that is full of spikes, it comes with the edgy and fashion feeling. So wearing this cap never go wrong. Hehe...

Galaxy Varsity Jacket/ Spikes Cap from Babeyiyi Boutique

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