Sunday, January 27, 2013

“I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

If you do realize on the title of this blog post, it is a quote from Chanel head designer and creative designer - Karl Lagerfeld. I do agree a lot on what he say, because I do also believe that the awkwardness and strangeness of every individual is an unique beauty that we possess inside.  If everything beauty is the same, it will be to standardize and not special at all. 

So for today outfit, I wanted to have the strange feeling, something different from normal. As you can see, I matched a black Karl Lagerfeld printed singlet with my denim shirt. Yes, I choose singlet again because the weather here in Malaysia is seriously heating up, so for this few days I have been wearing clothes that are thin and also comfortable. So what will be better than wearing a singlet? haha... Because I wanted some layering, denim shirt will be my best choice that I can find in my wardrobe to match with black ( mostly anything can be match with black, LOL). It is also because as I stated in my previous post, denim is always in trend. 

 I am also loving my new bleach jeans that matched this outfit perfectly. I have been searching so many places for prints pants, but unfortunately I still can't find one that is desirable. So I guess this bleach jeans is one great alternative because it is so vibrant which makes the whole outfit stood out. For a more cohesive look for this coordinate, I also matched it with a blue shoe to make a great match with my blue denim shirt and jeans I'm wearing above. 

Large round shades that I got it from Bangkok, don't you think that there is some weirdness and strangeness hidden behind? XD

Accessories of the day ( and yeah, it's from Bangkok too) things are just too cheap there. LOL  

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hansel and Gretel in cinemas 24 January 2013

A big thank you to ChurpChurp again for having me at Hansel and Gretel movie premiere a few days ago. If you all know, Hansel and Gretel is actually a fairy tale where two siblings were lost in the woods and they found this candy house. Out of curiosity, they went in the house and realize that it was a witch house and then they were caught. When the witch were trying to cook them, they free themselves and kill the witch by burning her. But for this movie, there is a new twist for this classic tale where Hansel and Gretel grown up became bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world.The siblings has to face a new form of evil and also find out their secret identity in the end.

After watching this movie, I realize that the duration was very short, as it was only for an hour and half. Although the pace of the storyline is quite fast, but it was quite entertaining watching the siblings killing and hunting down witch and also many blood splashing.

So this was my ootd. Knitted mickey mouse hoodie sweater and ragged jeans both from Bangkok.(i am not a fan of mickey mouse, but this hoodie sweater looks cute ^^) I have this cute little devil snapback on too because I was too lazy to wax my hair and I like to feel comfortable whenever I'm watching a movie. :) What a great alternative XD

Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Da One

Hello everyone, I am finally back from my Bangkok trip and finally have the time to blog. It has been so long since my last post, and I just can't wait to update something here before all of you start forgetting about my blog. So for today, I won't be blogging bout Bangkok yet, because I have loads of pictures that I have not even filter. Hope that I will blog bout it soon :)

Met some friends on this Sunday afternoon in the mall, so I decided to wear something simple and thin because the weather lately is just too hot. Not just that, I did a photoshoot today for one of my friends blog shop, and I can't wait for the outcome. So do stay tuned for the final pictures. 

My outfit for today is simple and black. Wore this Rihanna's printed singlet that I bought from Bangkok that was real cheap and matched it with my black cardigan. I wanted to keep my outfit black, so of course the colour choice for my pants will obviously be black too. Lastly matching the whole outfit with my grey boots, I really like the whole feel of this coordinate, which actually deliver the ragged street style. Wearing singlet is just very comfortable especially in Malaysia, and who says singlet has no style? :) 


I also matched this outfit with my DIY spike snapback and wore it with shades. Something different too.
Armcandy of the day- Gold and Black Studded Bracelet
Double Cross ✞✞
Elastic spike band from Jetedeesire
Rihanna printed singlet from Bangkok. Obscene?
So what do you think of my simple black outfit?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Hi-Tea Session

Feeling so relax and happy for this few weeks because I am on my holiday and there is just like nothing for me to worry and do. Maybe there is one-Money. Actually feeling quite restless just staying at home and doing nothing, really hope that I could find some part time job to have some extra income and also to kill time. So the only thing that I could do when I'm bored is to blog. :) I am glad that I have been updating my blog lately and not leaving it dead. Really hope that I could keep up the good work. HAHA. Although I am not sure how many of you do often read my blog, but I am still thankful to the loyal reader out there that support me in blogging. So, don't forget to follow my blog and also follow me on NuffnangX if you have an account. ^^

Had a hi-tea session with my uni mates few days ago at Levain.Because it is our sem break now, so most of them is actually leaving KL and going back to their hometown. So just a small farewell gathering for us, and hope that we will miss each other. LOL. I am also indeed grateful meeting  and knowing all this awesome people that made my day so cheerful and awesome. So for this 3 months break, I am sure that I will miss their sampat-ness and craziness that we had together. Hehe... See you guys soon and enjoy holiday BMC2012 :)

Watcha looking at? LOL. Wearing Sab glasses and I look like an uncle. XD
Have no idea why am I always in the middle and Sabrina is on my right, Juwei on my left? It's really just a coincident. Hehe ^^
Had some pizza,croissant and tarts. Must try the pizza, it's YUMMM~~ 
Hello Spellman. What's with the duck face? LOL

The dancing and sampat queen, Sabrina. Never fail to be sampat, even in pictures. LOL
Miss little red bean, Juwei Ong. Why red bean? It's because of her small eyes. hahaha.

Some candid shot.
Description of this pic: trying to show off our purple hair (we all dyed purple, but mine and Sabrina's hair colours has fade)
Conclusion: Juwei the only surviving one . XD

Happy Holidays to all of you, and soon we will meet again. Ngek ngek ngek... :)

Will be flying off to Bangkok this weekend, and I can't wait to shop there. So I will be away and can't blog for the few days, but do stay tuned on my blog for more updates. Miss you guys. Bye =)

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