Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

Hello, I am finally back after 2 weeks? It has been a really busy week for me as I found a job. Yayy!! I am currently doing my part time job at Chatime, as I believe mostly everyone know what it is. Although I have to wake up early and drive to work, and be stuck in jam everyday, but it is quite fun and relaxing working with my friends.
With Sam
With Lun Lun
With Yoby

Actually I have doubted a very long time, whether to continue in blogging. To blog or not to blog? I know what I blog is sometimes very boring, I talk about my life, about what happen around me, but is this what makes the readers all interested in reading, and to continue in following what I blog. Sometimes I have a thought to stop blogging, as I feel that if there are no people that is reading it, why waste time in blogging? I am really not sure, whether blogging my life is something very stupid, and why bother to blog about it. But, this is like the only place for me to express. Sometimes I am really contradicted, because it's no use to blog when nobody reads.

And yes, if you follow my page
Mr.Brian See , you will have know that I am really piss off and unsatisfied with the competition that I participated. Actually I am very angry and disappointed that I got nothing in this competition while I put in so much time and effort in collecting likes. But I won't want to talk about this issue here, because I think it will take me a few pages in complaining. No use crying over spilled milk right? So just move on with life, and just take it as a challenge and learn over mistake. Although it's not my wrong. And I know because of this issue, it has cause many conflict between peoples, so firstly, I would like to thank all my friends that supported me, and secondly, to all haters that think I am wrong and bullshitting, just FUCK OFF!! I know that haters will always hate, so just go on and I DON'T CARE!!
Haters, you can continue in hating me. I Don't Care!! ^.^Y

Have a great night and bye =)


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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the end of my foundation year

Time flies, and 1 year had pass. Finally I finish my Foundation in Communication course last Friday. Finally finish the final exam, and finally it's holiday time. It's the end of my foundation year. Gonna have 1 and a half month of break, and I think for sure I will rot at home. Its only like the second day of holiday, and I am already feeling so restless. I really hope to find a job to occupy my time, but I can't find one. So not use to it for being so relax now, after a month of hectic non-stop studying timetable for my final exam. Really glad that I finish my finals last week, and I hope that the results will be fine. So worry for a few subject, really hope that I could pass all.

Sometimes when I feel so relax, I feel uneasy as there is no little pressure. I don't know what to think about, and what to do. I think the only worries that I will have during this holiday is about money. When I am free, I go out. When I go out, I spend. And I believe I will go broke in no time.

Usually most people says that foundation is a honeymoon year, because you will really suffer in degree. I am actually scared about this issue, because I already felt the suffer in my foundation year. Really hope that I could bear with my studies when I reach my degree year.

It was just like yesterday when I first step in Taylor's University. So afraid about this course and unfamiliar on this place and also meeting new friends. But now, I have already knew them for a year, and I am so glad that I found true friend and saw the true colours of many people. Learn lots of knowledge about communication, and also knowledge of life.

To all FICM March'11, I am really glad that we could have this opportunity to spend 1 year together studying, and to be treated like a big family. I am happy to have know every single one of you, and will never forget all of the memories that we have gone through together. I know that not all of you is going to continue your degree in Taylor, so I wish everyone of you a great success in future and hope to see you guys soon.

Some pictures when my foundation starts till the end. *memories*
1st month of foundation

Moral Community Service
Astro Trip

Ice Skating


Mirrors Magazine Roadshow
Last day of lecture
Last day of final exam

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

CNY Open House

After my busy exam, I am back to blog. It is already the second month of the year, and CNY has just end a week or so. During CNY, spent lots of time with my family and the favorite part is of course taking ang pao.

On the last week of CNY, went to Mer Sie's CNY open house. I really like it when there is festivals or events where friends could hang out together. Still remember when we are all still in high school, and we will always hang out during recess and weekends together. But when all of us graduated from high school, we started a new chapter of our life. And it was then we started to felt apart.

This CNY open house, I felt that it is very meaningful as we could celebrate this festive season together and of course meet up with friends. Met up with friends that I have not met for months, and had a great time spending it together. Okay, there will be not much talking for this post. That's all, bye =)
My best partner- Pey Yan
It's Vodka and Whiskey
Mer Sie
Meei Tyng
Long time didn't pose together already

Ang pao

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