Friday, July 1, 2016

Adore someone who inspire you in life

I know I have not been blogging for quite some time and I don’t usually write about my thoughts online that often, but I suddenly just realize how important it is to be inspire in life by someone and how that could change many things. 

I love to share my life on Instagram and Facebook, and I started all from blogging that I believe it is where some of you started to know about me. I am also very grateful to have the amount of followers that are following me on social media and how some of you actually do write in to me telling how I actually influence and inspire your life. 

I never will have thought that these little things that I write or post on social media could have that power to change someone or to motivate someone. I also do adore someone a lot in my life and if you know me well, you will know it’s my idol Jolin Tsai. 

She needs no introduction because she is such a superstar in the mandopop industry. She has been my idol for the past 10 years, it’s not a very long time but definitely it’s not short either. I started listening to her song when I was in primary school (that was more than 10 years ago hahaha) but not until I fell in love with her when she launched her 8th album “Dancing Diva” in 2006! 

I have no idea how can I adore someone that much, my friends will ask me why do I like her for so many years? Is it because she is pretty? Sexy? I will always answer “No”! I don’t think she has the best vocal in the industry, I don’t think she is the most talented singer, but the reason why I adore her so much is because she is the most hardworking artist. 

She is not that good in singing, not that good in dancing, not that pretty when she debuted back in 1998, even everyone and the media thinks that she is one of the worst artist in the industry. All these negative comments did not stop her but made her stronger where she actually put 300% more effort in learning something just to achieve what she have today.

So when I saw her Dancing Diva MV, I was so amazed how someone that has no dancing and gymnastic foundation performs so well putting both elements together. That is when she really attracted me and I literally went crazy for her. After so many years, I have no regret in adoring her because she actually truly inspired and motivates me whenever I feel like failing.

Her determination and hardwork created her success in her music career. She keeps on transcending herself from learning different dance genre and trying different music genre too in all her albums. She inspired me to never stop learning something new and always breakthrough what we are capable of. 

She taught me in doing what we like in life and never give up that easily. If you think you can, you can! This sounds really cheesy I know hahaha but somehow it’s true. Her persistence in pursuing in the music industry always motivates me to pursue what I like too. 

I have been supporting her for the past 10 years and just look at all the albums that I bought!

Just look at that face, no joke it was me 10 years ago. LOL

This was my very first autograph album from Jolin! It was also my first time meeting her in person back in 2007

I really went to all of her events and concert in Malaysia if I can make it, and last year my dream came true because I flew all the way to Taiwan to watch her first PLAY Tour concert! I have watched 4 times of her concert, 3 different tours and I can say it is definitely worth it! The stage, the outfit, the choreography, the rundown, her performance are all equally satisfying. Watch once in your lifetime and you will witness the effort and hardwork she puts in completing the concert.

 Jolin PLAY Tour in Taiwan with fans from China and Malaysia 

Finally she is having her on the 16th July 2016 and I’m so happy after waiting for one year since the last concert I went in Taiwan last May. I know that she has been changing many outfits and different rundown for her concert and I just can’t wait to see what new things she will be offering during this Malaysia tour!

So as long as you adore someone in life and that someone could inspire and motivates you to be a better person, I don’t see the problem. Believe in yourself and never let anyone bring you down. If your idol or the person could do it and succeed in life, you can too! It is always good to be inspired and to inspire! 

My motto in life “Aspire to Inspire” 

I don’t just get inspired, I also hope what I’m doing now or in the future could inspire all of you that is reading this and also all of you that has been giving so much support all this while. The world is full of inspirations and hope; this is what makes me aim to be better everyday! You can too!

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