Thursday, October 29, 2015


I know many of you has been asking me why I have not been updating my blog recently and I would just have to say that it's not that I don't like to blog anymore, it's just that I only want to blog when I feel that I have the content to share with you all. I don't want to blog or just post some outfit for the sake of being an "active blogger". I would rather really have something to share only I blog, because if you want to know about my daily outfit, you can actually just check out my Instagram. I guess it's really the quality over the quantity when it comes to blogging to me, especially being a style blogger. Of course I do agree that there are many things to share on styling for men, but I also do believe that I have blog about it before and styling is something very visual. That's why I think that Instagram has become a very good platform for me to share my personal style to my followers. Pictures that are very straight to the point. 

I guess I will be more busy when November comes thats why I have to blog this post up before all the workload come hitting on me. LOL... Finally today the sky is blue, the cloud is white. I guess all Malaysian will understand my feeling because the haze has finally faded away after invading our county for the past one month. The haze was so bad that the air is so dirty and everyone is falling sick. This totally could relate back to this outfit post because it was taken a few weeks back, so I decided to go up to this beautiful rooftop to snap my ootd but as you can see, the sky is so hazy, the background is so blur not because of my portrait lens but it's the haze!! LOL

When there is time for sweater weather, there is definitely time for hazy weather too. Hahaha... During that day, the haze was already bad and suddenly the sky decided to just pour some rain. Luckily with my casual look and long length parka jacket, I could easily cover myself and run to the shades avoiding the acidic rain. Of course I won't let the haze and dull moody weather to get in my way, that's why I paired this bright neon converse shoe to brighten up my whole look. Just a simple element to make your outfit look interesting and alive!

Parka Jacket and Pants from The Class
T-shirt from Nolixon
Chuck Taylor All Star II from Converse 

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