Monday, October 19, 2015


image credit: Newskaki

There are actually many streetwear brands in Malaysia but in order to stand out among the others, one have to be unique and importantly consumer friendly. You may or may have not heard of this brand Nol1xon, but this new name in the streetwear label industry have started to caught the attention of the public and media just within 4 months after debuting with their k-pop inspired design. 

Nol1xon pronounce as "Noh-Li-Xon" actually means "No Limit Zone" in another word. The main idea of this name is to actually encourage the public that there is no limit in wearing something, don't constraint yourself and be more daring in dressing up. 

Standing beside Wind Lee, one of the owner of this brand and also a friend of mine during last week Nol1xon first pop up store launch in Isetan, KLCC. Although they have only been selling their collections on online platform, but this time you could visit their pop up store to purchase their products and importantly have the opportunity to try out the fabric and cutting of each piece. 

image credit: Newskaki

Guess who is their model for their latest lookbook? Yup! Yours truly! HAHAHA... It was really fun working with the team this time on the lookbook shoot, and getting to style my own look for the shoot was very easy because of the versatility of their clothes, I could go from street look to korean look and also athletic sporty look! Just remember that there is no limit in wearing your style, just play around!

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