Thursday, October 22, 2015


The highly anticipated collaboration each year in the fashion industry definitely will be the crossover collaboration of designers with H&M. H&M has successfully collaborated with prominent designers for the past 10 years in creating a season of limited edition collection and for this year, the collection that everyone has been talking about and looking forward to is non other than Balmain X H&M! I believe after Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain posted pictures of this latest collaboration design on his social media, everyone in the world went crazy for the design and wants a hand on it! 

I am so lucky to be one of the few in Malaysia to be the first to check out the collection and of course having the chance to try it on too! After looking at the pieces in front of me and trying it on, I guess I'm gonna be broke very soon! Every piece is like a masterpiece to me and I just want all of it!! I think that the queue for this year will be crazy too, so just in case I can't get it, at least I have tried all of the pieces today! HAHAHA..... The collection will be available in store and online on the 5th November 2015!

 Yes I know there is no winter in Malaysia, but I don't mind blasting the air-cond just to wear this look! LOL... Wool coat price at RM799

 Don't you think that the outfit fits perfectly on us? Hahaha... Kittie is wearing silk dress price at RM599 and I'm wearing this overall that only cost RM399! You say la, how to not heart itchy? LOL...

Wool blazer with hand-embroidered patches creating a very military style that’s highly realised and full of the Balmain DNA. RM999

As you can see, the collection is rich with the authentic essence and DNA of Balmain which made the collaboration into an all new level.The menswear collection by Balmain for H&M has all the effortless style that has made Balmain one of the most important luxury labels in menswear today. Creative director Olivier Rousteing has brought his personal passion for design to every piece in the collection, which includes sharp blazers, leather jackets with attitude, slouchy trousers and all the accessories needed to get the full Balmain look. Every piece is rich in detail, with strong silhouettes and a mood that matches Parisian tailoring with the street, sports and hip hop.

Balmain's womenswear collection for H&M is rich in detail and craftsmanship, encapsulating the themes and signatures that have made Balmain one of the most important luxury brands of the 21st century. Creative director Olivier Rousteing has brought his passion for design to every piece in the collection, which includes elaborate dresses, sharp tailoring and everyday pieces with attitude. Intricate embroidery and powerful silhouettes run throughout, together with Parisian flair and always a sense of effortlessness.

So after looking at the collections from menswear to womenswear and accessories, have you guys decided on which to get on the 5th November 2015? LOL... If you are still hesitating, below are the price list of the full collection in Malaysia and be prepared for a long queue outside H&M Lot10 and Avenue K on the 5th November. 

Are you ready for #HMBALMAINATION? After looking at the price list, will you still be queuing? Let me know :)


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