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If you have not read the first part of this trip, read it now! LOL... So as I mentioned in my previous post, my main activity of this trip is eating and I guess I have been starting this eating marathon since I boarded the plane. Flying with MAS this time was really a good and relax experience because the seats were spacious which is something important for me (consider my legs HAAHA) and also because the food was good too. That's why I say that I have been eating since the beginning of the trip because MAS provide complimentary meal and water. I'm so happy when I can get free water because I always get thirsty and I need to keep hydrated. Not just that, flying with MAS also feels like home with excellent Malaysian hospitality by the crew members and hassle free checking in process. So I guess I did a right choice this time by choosing MAS to fly to Taiwan and if you want to check out flight to Taiwan you can check it out here.

So continuing my Taiwan trip, the next few days I stayed at amba Hotel Zhong Shan which is also in Taipei which I found through Agoda. This hotel definitely is catered towards youngsters like me because of the stylish and modern design. Let me show you the interior and I will let you know why I like this place. 

When I arrived, I was treated with a warm welcome from the person in charge and she was so friendly and nice to explain and bring me around the hotel. I was glad that she did because I get to check out different rooms (they have 90 thoughtfully design rooms) and also realized that they feature free Smart WiFi with access up to 200mbs and also a communal space on every floor for guest to hangout, chill and also interact with other people. So you can work there, play there, sleep there also. LOL... Another reason I like this place is also because of the minimal and contemporary design of the room and also sufficient usb port to charge my gadgets! Hahaha.. You know how many gadgets we bring to holiday these days (phone, powerbank, laptop, ipad, etc..) so it's very important and thoughtful for them to provide usb port for us to charge our gadgets. If you are a light traveler, there is also a washing machine room on the second floor for guest to use.Wash and wear, one week holiday bring two clothes enough already. HAHAHAHA

amba Taipei Zhong Shan being the second amba hotel in Taipei after amba XiMenDing, a third hotel, amba Taipei Songshan, and the first amba resort, amba Kenting, are both scheduled to open in 2016. After getting to know more about this hotel, amba brand actually has a commitment on environmental sustainability, that's why amba Taipei Zhongshan combines eco-friendly amenities and infrastructure with natural and reclaimed materials to create a healthy, green environment. In addition to the design features, all mechanical, insulation and energy systems, materials and lighting fixtures have been selected according to their efficiency, as well as their intrinsic stylistic appeal and comfort for guests. These include Low-E glass to maximize light while minimizing ultraviolet and infrared rays, and high-performance VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air-conditioning systems with precise, individual-zone climate controls. I'm glad to support a brand that is contributing in preserving our environment and that is the least that I could do. 

I took a walk around Zhong Shan to explore the neighborhood which is filled with a glimpse of authentic Taipei and at the same time this historic area mixes century-old European architecture with a treasure trove of hip restaurants, boutiques and museums. If you are an art lover or indie movie lover, there is the SPOT-Taipei Film House and Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) that you have to visit which is only a few minutes' walk from the hotel. The public transport is also very convenient and near, so no worries getting around the city if you stay here. 

I was also lucky enough to dine in ACHOI restaurant for dinner which is amba hotel in house restaurant. The quiet and classy restaurant is a perfect place to relax and fill your tummy after a long day of walk. Guests can choose from creative small plates and dishes to share, accompanied by a selection of wines by the glass from the automatic wine dispenser. 

All dishes above were recommended by the hotel so it was really delicious! If you guys have a chance to be there, just order the food above. LOL... Blogging it now really makes me miss the dessert! Why must I always blog about food at the middle of the night? Hahhaa

Below are also places that I went for food. Watch my Vlog to have a better look! 

Opening Hours: 1130am-0500am
-there is a few outlet for this steamboat restaurant and one plate of meat is actually quite a big portion. I ordered half non-spicy and half spicy soup. I still prefer the non spicy, not because I cant eat spicy it's just because the spicy soup is too oily for my liking.

- a restaurant that serves Taiwan cuisine which has many different branches around Taiwan.  

黑鳥先生 mr. black bird
No. 8, Alley 35, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening Hours: 1130am-1030pm
- so definitely I have to go and explore some cafe in Taiwan and I decided to try out this cafe because it was highly recommended in 《康熙来了》 (taiwan famous talk show) But disappointingly, it was an overrated place and the pancake is not even fluffy and soft. I also ordered the salted egg pasta which has not salted egg taste at all. The price is not cheap too ><  

Spot Taipei
No. 58, Lane 233, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening Hours: 1100am-1030pm

No88, Sec 5, Nanjing E.Road, Taipei, Taiwan 
Opening Hours: 730am-930pm 
-Taiwan famous pineapple pastry. They have different flavours too, but for me the authentic is still the best!

Remember to check out my first Vlog to watch my whole Taiwan trip! :)

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