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I actually went to Taiwan last month and have been quite busy drafting blog post and also editing my first Vlog! Yayy! Finally doing my first video and thanks to my laggy computer (which I'm gonna change soon) I'm using like forever to finish it. But it's finally done and hope you guys will watch it. Just a newbie here, so don't expect very professional quality. Hahaha... I've actually been to Taiwan last year (also Taipei only) so the main purpose of this trip for me is to actually watch Jolin Tsai PLAY Tour 2015 at Taipei Arena. I have been a die hard fans since I'm 12 (10 years! just saying lol) so it has always been my dream to watch her concert in Taiwan one day. So finally my dream has come true!! Yayyyy *fan boy mode* Basically for this trip I did not do many shopping (surprisingly HAHAHA) so it was mainly food food and more food! You can check out my whole trip, places I went, places I eat all in my first Vlog! LOL... 

You know it's always hard to find a perfect place to stay whenever you are traveling, but for this trip I tried out AirAsiaGo website because my friend told me that they offer more than 450 hotels in Taipei. So I was thinking, out of 450 I sure can find one I like de gua? Hahaha... So I was browsing through so many hotels from 3 stars to 5 stars, from boutique to business hotels and finally I found the one that I'm satisfied. I stayed in La Maison Hotel for the first few nights which is located at no.512, Section 2, Chenggong Road which is quite near to Wu Fen Pu (五分铺). There were no hassles using AirAsiaGo so everything was smooth from booking to checking in.

Reaching the hotel, the environment is very quiet and elegant with very friendly staff that help us to check in. When I open the room door, I was very shocked and surprise because the toilet has a see through glass and the first thing that came through my mind is how am I gonna shower? Hahhaa.. But luckily there are actually window blinds that you could pull down. If not me and my friend will have to take turns to stand outside the room when we want to shower. LOL... The room is very bright with a good view and most importantly the toilet is very clean too. All basic needs and toiletries are also prepared in the room and there is also free wifi. Hahhaa.. One of the most important criteria when I choose a hotel. It was indeed a very comfortable and pleasant stay at La Maison Hotel.

There is also a lounge bar with live band music where you could just enjoy a drink and hangout with your friends at night. So relaxing...

Breakfast is also served in the morning with a variety of choices from cereal, cakes, fresh juice, ham and eggs and many more. Usually I don't really eat hotel breakfast because I can't wake up so early, but after trying the breakfast for the first day, I decided to have breakfast for the second day too. LOL...

Okay! The day has come, finally I'm here in Taiwan for Jolin Tsai concert! I'm so excited when I was waiting outside the arena and seeing so many fans that actually dressed up like Jolin in her MV really makes me salute their enthusiasm and spirit. It's also good to meet fans from different country all coming together to support the same idol. 


Jolin fans from Malaysia and China

I have always watched those music awards that are held in this arena and it looks very big on screen but that day when I went in, it's actually not as big as I expected. Luckily, my seat was quite near towards the stage (because I bought VIP tickets. LOL) so it was really a close up concert. I have no idea on how to describe the concert because it's my idol so I will definitely like it but I must say the reason why I support her so much is because of her attitude and spirit in this industry, always working so hard to break boundaries and trying new elements in her music and also performance. She is really a very hardworking artist that has struggle so much but now being such a successful diva in Asia. If you want to know how the concert was, just watch my Vlog! *hard sell* LOL

As I mention earlier, I also went to explore many food and thanks to my friend Spellman that loves food so much, he did many research to find places that are very locally and not those over rated tourist place. LOL...

Opening Hours: 17:00-24:00
-small store that serve local Chinese food 

Opening Hours: 11am-230pm / 5pm-9pm
-the serving of Taiwan beef noddle is slightly different compare to the one in Malaysia because of the noodle type and also the ingredients, I personally still like KL beef noodle more. Haha

Opening Hours: 18:30-3:30
-I always wonder like where to Taiwan people go yumcha at night because they don't have mamak like we do, and now I know because they have shops that opens till 330am. For this place, the famous dish is the prawn (I did not take any nice pic of the prawn >< paiseh paiseh) with different flavors. I tried black pepper prawns and butter prawns, the butter prawns is damn good and for the black pepper is a little spicy. The sesame oil noodle is also very nice.

So this post is just the part 1 of my trip so stay tuned for part 2 where I will introduce more places for food! Just check out my Vlog to have some heads up on where did I went. 

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