Friday, July 3, 2015

Levi's Premium Concept Store in KLCC

Levi's has always been a cool brand to me especially when it comes to denim because since young, my dad will be wearing his Levi's denim jeans and that it's something so cool to me. So when I grew older, I finally had the chance to have my first levi's denim jeans and that is when my first Live In Levis stories begin. If you own a pair of levi's, you will definitely have your own Live In Levis story. Such as the first time trying it on, the first time bringing if to a holiday, the first time having a different cutting and many more. So Levi's is actually part of a story in my life and I'm so glad and honoured to be one of Live In Levis personality to share my journey with Levi's. 

So I attended Levi's fashion show last month at KLCC showcasing Levi's Vintage Collection in conjunction with their opening of Levi's First Premium Concept Store in KLCC! It's the only store that exclusively sell the full range of vintage collection, featuring the timeline of 501® jeans from 1890 to 1978. This store in larger than before which brings to life the Levi’s® heritage with its vintage, industrial-inspired design.

The most exciting feature of the store will definitely be the Levi's tailor shop! Being first of it's kind in South East Asia, customer can now customise and tailor their very own piece of Levi's with their own style and preferences. Now everyone can have a pair of perfect fit Levi's jeans!

Having said that Levi's is part of my story, of course it has brought me many fun and laughter memories with all my Levi's friends!

 We are the happy gang! Great times with (from left) Shir, Kittie, Lynn and Fabian

 Very White Gang! I should have worn white shoes too. LOL... with Kittie and Ethan

 This is our mannequin pose. Would you buy us back? LOL

 Very handsome 8TV host, Mark O'Dea

 FHM most wanted girl, Venice Min

 With Spellman and Venice

Girls don't be jealous! Just a selfie with Lawrence Wong! I lose 99 adi T.T

 You see, if you wan to have a great picture your face have to be relax. But seriously, this Kittie very heavy la! *after this pic, threw her on the floor! HAHAHA*

The awesome team behind this whole event and campaign! Always nice to work with them :)

So how long have I not blog about an ootd? I guess more than a month. LOL... If you wan to keep updated on my style and ootd, please follow my Instagram (@mrbriansee) easier platform to have instant update. Hehehe

When I was choosing my outfit in Levi's store, there was so many variety and style that I could play with. So I decided to go for a more casual looking style which is matching both short sleeve t-shirt and shirt. Pairing the white shirt as the outer layer tone down the complicated prints inside. To accentuate the 511 denim jeans, I tuck in the top to have more proportion on my leg hence focusing more on my Levi's pants. As usual not liking too dull look, I finished my outfit with a red boots to create a bright contrast. 

Full outfit from Levi's
Boots from Palladium

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