Friday, May 22, 2015

What’s your inspiration? What’s your dream?

It’s always cool to have a dream, to have a passion, and to pursue in something that we want to achieve in life. But how many of us actually really do have the courage to pursue in what we like? How many of us will just give up without reaching the final point? We all have dreams, and importantly we have to believe in our self and uncage the passion.

Tiger beer has always been supporting the local talent scene in Malaysia, and this time they gave me this opportunity to be part of the campaign in finding inspiring stories in Malaysia by interviewing real people who have dared and overcame their inhibitions in the name of uncaging their passion. This time, we have Mutha Puaka.

The Tiger Uncage videos are a series of videos showcasing inspiring stories behind some of the local hidden gems of Malaysia, and during the shoot I met two talented crews from Mutha Puaka which are Brian and Eddy. Muatha Puaka is actually a group of people that shares the same passion and interest in riding bikes. Biker scene is not really a common thing in Malaysia especially a group that holds so much passion in it. Don’t think bikes and then relate it to the “Mat Rempits” here because what Muatha Puaka is all about are real interest in bikes and also about having fun and not taking life too seriously. Brian and Eddy added during the interview that it is important to share the same passion with someone and also to hold on to your true value from the beginning.  

What is it about holding on your true value? It totally means that you have to do something that you really like, that really makes you happy. It’s not just about making money sometimes, it’s about creating a legacy. Mutha Puaka designs their own merchandises too which are very Malaysian centric and limited. They do not design to earn, but they produce for people that share the same passion with them. Surprisingly they have many foreign supports and the first design was sold out in a week time.
After talking to them, they really did inspire me in many ways and it made me realize what is uncage in my own perspective. I always believe that we have to be daring in chasing for our dreams and just believe that one day our dream will come true. Action speaks louder than words, and we have to uncage our passion by stepping out from our comfort zone. It has always been my dream to be a model and I have great passion in it, but there will be always people out there that doubt and condemn me. It will make me feel weak and down sometimes, but I decided that I should uncage my passion and just be bold in chasing my dream. It’s not an easy road to achieve what you want in life, but one day when you look back, you will realize that you have tried your best. So I decided to uncage myself in chasing my dream! I can’t really disclose what I’m gonna do now, but I will definitely announce it once it’s confirm!

So remember, nothing is impossible in life as long you have the passion and courage. Once you have uncage your passion, you will realize that you will be one step closer to your dream. Believe in yourself and take the first step out for yourself too. I have taken my first step in life, and now all I can hope is that it will drive me further towards my dream! Don’t give up because we can do it! Btw, check out the uncage video here with Mutha Puaka. 

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