Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just Go Street

I guess I have been slacking recently in updating new outfit post because I'm so busy....watching drama. LOL... You know when you start watching something, you just can't stop but to continue the next episode. This china drama that I'm watching now has more than 80 episodes, and I'm taking forever to finish it! Hahhaa... So time to take a break from all the drama (literally drama HAHAHA) and let me share a new outfit post.

No idea since when but street style has been dominating the fashion scene for quite some time and I guess it's because snapping ootd has been a trend, and fashion bloggers like me and other fashionista will choose the street as our setting for ootd pictures. I do agree that the street is always the best place to take ootd pictures, because it's so convenient and importantly there is enough sunlight. So don't be shock if you see me standing beside the street taking pictures, that's usually what I do. Hahahha... 

So what are the "must have" when it comes to street style? Based on my observation, sneakers, denim and checks are one of the few important elements for street style. Just like this outfit, pairing an oversized check shirt as an outer layer with the combination of a pair of good denim jeans and sneakers. Things never go wrong when it comes to jeans with sneakers, and this is the reason why I think that investing in a pair of jeans is extremely important. 

Check shirt: Mens Wardrobe
T-shirt: Topman
Jeans: Levi's
Sneakers: New Balance

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