Thursday, April 2, 2015

25years of fun with Chipsmore

Who love eating cookies when you are watching TV, reading a book, doing your homework or maybe just doing nothing? LOL… Me me me!! I always love to munch on snacks and cookies when I’m at home, and I must say that Chipsmore have been by my side since young. Haha… 
Since young till now, whenever I shop the hypermarket with my parents, they will definitely buy Chipsmore cookie because it’s like the best chocolate chips cookie that you can find in Malaysia. I actually did not know that Chipsmore was in the market for so long until that day where I had the chance to be in their 25th anniversary music video alongside with Paper Plane Pursuit, Ashley Lau and Dennis Yin. I was so excited when I received the job about this music video, because shooting commercial, music video and modelling has always been my dream. What’s better is that I could be part of Chipsmore 25th anniversary birthday video! It was really fun and funny at the same time because my role in the video it’s just to be myself having fun! Since I love taking pictures I decided to be the selfie king! LOL… But in real life I don’t really selfie a lot… Hahaha.

Not just that, it was really a fun experience shooting with the team and of course enjoying free Chipsmore cookie on set! LOL… Munching Chipsmore really brought so much fun towards the whole team and I really love that there is always chocolate chips on every bite! I love chocolate a lot and I think this is why I love Chipsmore this much too! Hahahhaa…

When I was chatting with Chipsmore team that day during the shoot, they told me that we could actually win awesome prizes when we share the fun and birthday wishes to Chipsmore by just uploading pictures or video with the hashtag #Chipsmore25 in Twitter, Instagram & YouTube! You guys could check out more details here:

So guys, remember to join the fun in celebrating Chipsmore 25th birthday by hashtagging #Chipsmore25! Curious about the video? Check it out here! 

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