Friday, March 6, 2015


So CNY has come to an end, it's time to jump out from the festive mood and get back to our daily routine. But for me, I'm still in the midst of finding my routine. LOL... It's time to go back to my black and white outfit, and don't be curious about this outfit because I'm wearing pants. Don't worry! HAHAHAHA! It's just that this tote bag from Joe Chia is really very big that it has covered half of my leg. Hahhaha... I really like this tote bag tho because I can just dump so many stuff inside and it's so practical. It can be used as a tote bag, if not there is also a string at the side to use as a string bag.

There is my pants! Now you can see it. Hahhaa... It was a rainy day as you could see that the floor is wet, and usually rainy days make me lazy. So it's always my choice of going minimal during rainy days and you will realize how simple combination like this is much more comfortable. Although CNY is over, but I think that this neoprene sweater actually has an element of Chinese ink painting. Don't you think so? It's just so simple on the top, just like a drop of ink into the water and it blossom into a picture of flower.

Neoprene sweater from Mens Wardrobe
Tote bag from Joe Chia

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