Monday, February 9, 2015


Oh gosh! In a blink of an eye it's already the second month of the year and I realize how long have I not been updating this space. Currently still waiting for my final result to be announce but at the same time I'm also working hard in chasing my dream. It's already 1 something in the morning and I have an early shoot tomorrow, but I just can't leave my blog dead for so long so I decided to have a quick update. Layering may not be something new in my dictionary already, but when layering with different fabrics it will always create a new and fresh look. See through netting sleeve could enhance how layering could be play around like how I styled this outfit with a printed short sleeve in the inside and also creating another layer in the middle with monotone colour combination. Everything may be black and white but there is always an element that make the whole look interesting. 

Outer sweater from Men's wardobe
Inner layer from Topman

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