Thursday, January 8, 2015


New Year post with outfit that I have not finish posting since last year. LOL... Guess I have really been slacking a lot for the first week of New Year because I am only willing to move my little fingers now to type a new post. I bet that many of you will have your very own 2015 New Year resolution in mind and definitely we hope that we could achieve it. I actually have a few in mind but for this year I think I will keep it to myself. I realize that I have written my resolution each year on my blog and sadly there is still some which I have not achieve. LOL.... As for now I'm still enjoying my post-degree holiday to the fullest and I'm also glad that I chose to finished my internship early last year. Time really flies as my internship was already a year ago, but that period was really so tiring and bored. #dontbringmeback Although I learned a lot from my internship, I also learned that what I did is not what I like. So actually internship is a very good phase for you guys to experience and try if that job is what you really want to do in future. If you can't stand that 3 months of internship period, I don't think you will be happy working for 1-2 years in that place or field. 

So I guess what I like is still taking pictures. LOL... Neoprene fabric has recently been the trend of many outfits, and neoprene sweater is one of the essential for effortless look. This fabric provide a very solid and comfortable outline for the sweater, making skinny people like me doesn't look that skinny in it because the sweater already has its own shape. Simple geometric print design also enhances the contemporary of the entire look.

Hat from H&M
Sweater from Mens Wardrobe
Shades from Taiwan
Shoe from Puma

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