Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey guys, finally just back from my Bangkok trip and the first thing that I'm doing is updating my blog because I know many of you miss me right? LOL.... Just kidding! But I don't mind if you guys do miss me. Hahaha.. I actually have to blog about this last event I went to last year because how can I not share great stuff with all of you right?

So I have always mention that having an overall good look is not just only on the outfit but it also depends on the accessories, and eyewear is definitely a staple element to accessorize your whole outfit with the most effortless way. So I attended CEO.V eyewear collection event a few weeks back, and this brand has made its mark as the eyewear brand that celebrates practicality above all else, with a healthy respect
for aesthetics. Why would I say so? Just look at a few CEO.V eyewear below. 

Their design is versatile and unique, paying homage to nostalgia in vintage oversized
frames, sleek mirror lenses or polarized lenses signals its serious stylistic intentions. From cool gunmetal to a striking red, sleek jet or tortoiseshell chic, these shades scream au courant while retaining the CEO.V hallmarks – a patented system of retractable sleeves made from anti-allergic silicone.

The unique design that could be hanged around the neck with the magnetic temples is also stretchable and fold-able making it so much convenient to wear and also to keep in an ultra slim storage case that is provided. These collections of sleek design are fashionable and convenient which I guess is the key in satisfying consumers these days. CEO.V eyewear price range from RM350-RM650 and is available at selected eyewear store in Malaysia.

 Fashion designer Kittie Yiyi that always wowed the crowd with her unique style.

 My favourite blonde model Sheena Liam aka my long lost twin sister. LOL

Thanks Jimmy Ong for having me there for the event! :)

Sweater from Men's Wardrobe
Pants from H&M 

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