Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I'm here to save the world because I'm Banana-Man! I know I sound very childish now, but I totally had this thought when I was browsing through this set of outfit. I guess it's the denim shirt that was tied on my shoulder that looks like a superhero cape, and as for the "banana" I think it's pretty obvious. LOL... Wearing prints is usually very fun to me and sometimes it makes the whole look very young too especially with cute prints like this. Although I can't deny my love for monochromatic outfit, but I still try to have a few piece of prints outfit to brighten up some moody days. I find this banana print sweater very cute and I have no idea why banana print has become so famous because everywhere is like selling stuff with banana prints, I myself have a banana bag, banana hat and now a banana sweater. Luckily I don't wear all out together, if not I might just look like Banana in Pyjamas! Hahahhaa... *lame jokes* If you are afraid of wearing prints out because you think it's too loud and bright, why not try to tame it down by tying a shirt on the shoulder just like how I'm wearing it or just wear a jacket over to balance out the whole look. So guys, why not try some fun and cute prints to brighten up your day or maybe it might also brighten up people around you. :)

Banana Sweater from Mens Wardrobe

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