Saturday, December 13, 2014


Exam can be stressful and tiring but it's also important to find a little time to enjoy what's out there in life. LOL... It may sound like an excuse but it definitely helps me to have a rest in mind and continue to study more. So my little plan last week to relax my mind was attending Urbanscapes 2014 that was held at Genting Awana Horse Ranch. I personally love art and music festival, so after giving my first try last year at Urbanscapes 2013, I knew that I will be coming back again this year! 

Arriving at the venue in the evening, there was already performance at the main stage and many people was starting to enter. The main stage was the most happening area where Bassment Syndicate, Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law, The Lemonheads, Local Natives and Kimbra performed their famous hits. There were also lots of fashionista and festival-goers that dress up so fashionably to suit this event. The event was so hype up with local band performing and everyone singing along, and of course besides the live music, there was an arts and craft tent with local vendors selling various product from fashion to lifestyle; a DIY flower crown booth at the Market Of Experiences tent; food trucks at the Food Village that served up everything like burgers and cakes so that we won't starve; and creative art installation by social enterprise. 

 Enjoying live music with great friends! Karen and Daphne :)

So this is what I wore. Since the event is at Genting and I assume that the weather will be chilly so I opted for a two layer piece both long-sleeve FYI. Hahahaha... But..but..but... the weather was so warm that day! WTF! Maybe due to global warming lol or the excitement in my body (whichever it is) the weather is not chilly at all. I was sweating in this outfit but never mind, it looks good. LOL... You can see the matchy colours from my electric blue pants to my varsity jacket sleeve, and to make the whole look even more striking I paired this mustard yellow sweater inside that definitely kept me warm the whole day. Since it's also at a horse ranch, you won't want to wear your fancy fancy shoe and at last have mud all over it right? So the best choice it to go for a black boots, boots is meant for mud and also easy to clean! *According to Brian's theory! XD

Varsity jacket from Men's Wardrobe 
Pants from High Cultured
Belt from Armani Exchange
Shades from Muzik

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