Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"I'm at a payphone taking some pictures..." and then I have no idea how to continue. lol... I always blog about how to mix and match different elements to create a different look but for this outfit I guess not much styling is needed. This is actually my first time trying on a one piece jumpsuit and I would say it is made for people that are lazy to style. Hahahha... It is actually very easy because you do not have to think what top to match which bottom because it's literally ready to wear out. Hahaha... Denim blue is also such an easy colour to pull off on a casual day. This outfit seriously save lots of my time before heading out and I guess I have another lazy-day outfit in my list now. LOL... I know that there is always some issues for girls who wear jumpsuit when they want to go to the toilet but it's not the same case for men's jumpsuit because there is still a zip at the pants so know...I think further elaboration is not necessary. Hahahha...

Jumpsuit from Mens Wardrobe
Shades from Medium Rare
Shoes from Taiwan 

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