Friday, December 5, 2014


Time flies and it's already the last month of 2014. I always love December because it's the Christmas season, but at the same time it's always my final exam season too. I have finally finished all my final semester assignment, attended my last class and it's only final exam now then I'm done with university life. Having my study break now means my daily routine is just study study and study. But I still free some time on my schedule to hit the gym because exercise is also very important. So not talking about gym or study for this post, it's just that I have to relax myself for awhile so I decided to blog! :) 

I bet I have mentioned before on how much I love taking picture. Me and my friends would actually spend a whole day exploring places to take pictures. LOL... I know it may sound silly to some people, but if you have the same passion and the right friends with you, it's really fun! So I think many of you know this place, and also because I saw many people snapping lots of artistic picture there, so me and my friends decided to explore every corner at Empire Damansara. Don't be surprise, we spent 5 hours there literally snapping every corner and indeed every corner is so "Instagram worthy". WTF! Hahaha... So check out all the "Instagram worthy" pictures on my Instagram that I will be spamming soon. LOL...

I wore a very matchy matchy top and shorts with neon lime green lining and to make the whole outfit for matchy, I paired it with my shades that also have neon lime green frame. It's a very minimal and simple outfit but a sense of bright lining makes the whole outfit look more special. 

Top and Shorts from Men's Wardrobe

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