Saturday, December 20, 2014


I know I have not been blogging often this month because of my final exam, but finally it's over! I have finished my last paper this week which means I'm officially done with my degree! Still remember the moment when I just finish high school and stepping into uni life with anxiety and anticipation and now I'm done with uni life. So after my last paper on Monday, I did not have the time to blog also because I was so busy with events, photoshoot and also my first time being on a live TV show! I'm not sure if you guys watch but I think I look quite weird on TV and also very awkward too. Haha... Don't expect too much, it's just my first time :)

Oversized sweater has always been my favourite because it's the only way to cover my skinny proportion body and disguise visually to have a broader shoulder. LOL... It's really important to wear clothes that are not always fitting (especially when you are skinny like me) because it will just expose your flaws. So getting this simple sweater that does not have any border line on the shoulder and long prints across the sleeve creates or I should say disguise a broader upper body. Hahaha...

Sweater from DKNY Jeans

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