Monday, December 22, 2014


So it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and I can't wait to spend my Christmas in Singapore this year. Don't really know which part of Singapore I will be celebrating Christmas, but I'm sure the atmosphere there will definitely be great! I always want to experience wearing more layering outfit like how other fashionista do it in London during winter but too bad it's not gonna happen here in Malaysia. LOL... Like who the hell will wear trench coat out in Malaysia and then sweat like a pig right? wtf! Hahhaha... But there is always an alternative in playing layering. Just like this sheer fabric oversized camouflage jacket that could create layering but at the same time not too thick in creating too much sweaty issue. lol... So finding the right fabric and material to wear is also very important for styling especially in such a hot and humid country like Malaysia.

Sheer jacket from Mens Wardrobe
T-shirt from Topman

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