Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Being fashionable is not just about what you wear on your body but also what kind of fashion accessories you have. Sunglasses is definitely one of the most prominent accessories to up your fashion game if you want to add a sense of coolness and mysterious to your whole look. I personally love collecting sunglasses and would always match the perfect one with my daily outfit. I am so happy to announce that Muzik Eyewear has finally been launched in Malaysia last week!


So I attended the launch of Muzik Eyewear at their showroom which is located at Taman Desa, a house which holds an interior design award by MSID (Malaysian Society of Interior Designers). A unique location with high density of Japanese & Korean expatriots. The launch showcased MUZIK Eyewear from Korea and a teaser announcement of the soon to be launched BLANC & ENCLARE by Jessica. 


Muzik Eyewear has actually caught my attention before coming to Malaysia because it could be seen wearing by many Korean celebrity and models. Muzik is actually a Korean brand that was created in November 2013 and all premium eyewear which is handmade in France. Can you imagine how detail and exclusive each and every eyewear by Muzik is when it's all handmade in Oyonnax, France. 

During the event, everyone was so anticipated in trying out all the eyewear and of course snapping loads of pictures away. Each and every design is so unique that I just hope I could bring ALL home! Hahahha.. 

 Dennis Yin from Elecoldxhot

 My best buddy, Spellman Choy

Lumi and Cherrie are one of Muzik Eyewear campaign models. Their pictures were literally printed and hanged at every corner of the event. Can you see how Muzik eyewear fits perfectly on our face? XD

RESPEC.CO will also be launching an exprimental eyewear pop-up store in store at Lot 10, located in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur during the festive month of December along with the new #norespec lookbook campaign. This time round they will be featuring male version of talents and creative artists with only one same purpose which is to push the fashion movement forward.

The theme for this launch was "a hint of black" and I believe it's a theme where many could follow. Like who don't have a piece of black in their wardrobe?

This was what I wore, a piece of black top but this it's not as simple as it seem. Hahahha... Because I bring you sexy back! I really love how this top disguise the public from the front view but then there is always a surprise at the back. And this time it's literally at my back. LOL.... So watch out girls, we guys are bringing the sexy back game too now! HAHAHA..wtf

Top from Mens Wardrobe 
Jeans from Topman
Boots from Dr.Martens

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