Friday, November 21, 2014


Being very busy the whole week with 4 assignments due, meeting, presentation and events but luckily I'm finally all done with it! They say being a final semester student is the busiest and I can totally relate now especially being an event student. But luckily I'm done with all the assignments for this week, and it's time to spend some time here again. I guess I have been complaining a lot about having not enough time to blog but seriously, how is 24hours even enough for us? I bet all of us really need more time a day to finish everything.

 With such insufficient time a day for me, I will still have to squeeze a few minutes here and there to pick my daily outfit. Sometimes going all dull is not something bad after all, because there is always something to brighten up your day just like my neon yellow beanie. I was so attracted by the colour of the beanie but at the same time hesitating to get it or not because I was wondering when and where would I wear such bright beanie? But lastly I still got it and still figured out when and where to wear it.So yeah... HAHAHA... #buyfirsthinklater tsk tsk! Actually it's not hard to match something too bright to your outfit as long you keep the others down. Just like this whole outfit, DKNY Jeans long sleeve sweater with reflective prints paired with grey washed denim pants. The prints is actually a reflector, so you can wear this and walk out during night time and no car will bang you! wtf... HAHAHA

Beanie from Mens Wardrobe
Sweater from DKNY Jeans
Shoes from Puma

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