Friday, November 28, 2014


Some says black and white is essential in fashion, some say t-shirts are essential in style. For me, I think that black and white t-shirt assembles are what make good fashion style. How often will you buy t-shirt and how many black and white do you have in your wardrobe. If it's for me to answer, it will be often and many. LOL...

I somehow could not run away with t-shirt and monochrome because they have already been my essentials. When I decide to go for a more casual day out, t-shirt will be my first option in mind. When I don't want to be so loud and keep the whole look simple, black and white will be my first priority. These two is like nature and norms to my mind, but not complaining because essentials always pull off awesome look.

Just like how I pull off this simple DKNY Jeans t-shirt with a black pants and a monochrome checks shirt tied on the waist. I think that everything look so simple and clean but yet so dimensional. Think t-shirts and black/white as essentials but not something boring then you will definitely feel the fun in it! :)

T-shirt from DKNY Jeans
Pants from Zara
Shoe from Taiwan

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