Monday, November 24, 2014


What is darkness when you have not seen the light? Always getting random thoughts in my head when it's middle of the night, and the best place to express it out is here in my blog. LOL... Sometimes we tend to complain a lot about life and I realize it's mainly on how unappreciative we are. Complaining is somehow a nature of human, but excessive complains will just make yourself annoying. When facing a problem, we always think that what we are going through is the worst, but how many people out there may be facing more difficulties than you? Sometime it's better to not think about the negative side of an issue, but think of the positive side of everything. Think if there is an opportunity on the problem you are facing and how are you gonna solve it. After looking things at a different angle, you will definitely gain more than what you have today.

This is another reason why I like snapping my outfit because even if my day was bad, taking pictures still could cheer me up! See! There is always a bright side, you just have to make yourself happy. I guess I am no more that bright, loud over accessories type of guy anymore because I have fell in love with simplicity. HAHAHAA...  So don't let simple fool you, sometimes it's the tiniest of details makes the difference, just like the red and black combination on my socks. :)

Top from Taiwan
Socks from Taiwan

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