Sunday, October 12, 2014


Time flies and it's Sunday night again! I don't even realize the date anymore because what I'm doing everyday is just assignments and assignments. I think the only time I realize the date is during Sunday night, because DAMN! It's Monday again tomorrow! Hahahaha...

The happiest part of my week will be updating my blog and sharing some new outfit post to all of you. I think taking outfit pictures and sharing it with you guys on my social media is really the one thing I enjoy most at the moment. I admit that I have been highly influenced by many Korean model's style recently especially their street style. You will see them pulling off simple t-shirt and jeans effortlessly and still look awesomely fashionable. So for this outfit, I just wore a typography printed t-shirt paired with a straight cut denim jean that I have owned for more than 5 years. If you do realize, typography t-shirt is also something very popular in the scene as it finishes the whole look just like that without needing any other combination. Lastly, finishing the whole look more casual with a tote bag that is also insanely in trend now. 


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