Thursday, October 30, 2014


When life is busy we complain, when life is too restless we complain. Tell me how are we satisfied? I have no idea why uni life is torturing me now, but just one and a half months more till I'm finally free from uni! I don't know if I should feel happy or worried. So busy that I'm now blogging about an outfit that I took two months back. LOL.... How time flies. XD

I think we will just feel comfortable after trying something new once, and it's the same like how I'm fine now wearing short pants. I was actually very conscious in wearing short pants before this because I know I have really skinny legs ( i know and you guys don't need to remind me!) but after trying it once I don't mind wearing it one more time. Especially with the weather here, short pants are so cooling and casual, just perfect to wear out on a casual hangout date. It could also make the whole outfit less simple if you choose the right socks to "show off".

Mesh top from Topman
Denim vest from Taiwan
Shorts from Gap
Socks from Korea
Shoe from Taiwan

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