Monday, October 6, 2014

Jam and Kaya Cafe @ PJ Palm Sports Centre

 Who don't like fluffy stuff? Who don't like fluffy pancakes??!! If you don't like pancakes, you are weird! Don't talk to me! Hahahha! I always crave for pancakes, like literally every time! So if you want something from me, maybe bribe me with pancakes next time. LOL!

I have been searching high and low for a decent pancake shop, and finally I have found the perfect place for pancakes. Not far away, there is one pancake house just located at PJ Palm Sports Centre. It's like those candy house in a fairy tale where there is witches inside waiting to eat a kid, but this is a small pancake house with friendly barista waiting to serve you. This place is located inside the sports centre, so basically you will have to walk till the end inside only you can see it. Usually there won't be much parking outside, so I suggest you guys to just park at A&W which is just at the same row and walk over. Free parking why not? LOL...

Just look at the pancakes and it's already enough to make me drool! I have actually come back to this cafe a few times just for their pancakes and I must admit it never disappoint me before. I ordered the chocolate banana pancake and the "fruit pancake" (i forgot the name lol) which was both so goooood! It's so fluffy and soft, totally how a pancake should be. They do serve other food on the menu too, like some finger food and breakfast, but for me I will just come back for the pancakes.

 Mocha with Chocoalte Balls. Yes, balls! LOL... It's quite good, worth trying :)

Crème brûlée

Jam & Kaya Cafe
No 1, Lorong Sultan,
46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Tue – Thu open from 10am till 10pm;
Fri – Sun until 11pm
(closed on Mondays)

A random outfit post that I took a few weeks back, utilizing on what I had in my closet. Since it's just a normal cafe hunting day for me, wearing something casual is still my primary option. Printed t-shirt always works best for me to reduce the dullness of the entire look even though I'm pairing it with a dark colour jacket and jeans. 

 T-shirt and Jacket from Zara

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