Friday, October 3, 2014

Female Magazine Turns 40!

Finally it's another weekend and it's time to update my blog again! It's really hard for me to update my blog frequently now with the number of assignments on hand. I have so many outfits on standby, but just no time to blog. Haizzz.. What to do? Nothing I can do. LOL.... So I attended Female magazine 40th birthday party a few weeks ago and I must say I never knew Female magazine was in the market for so long already! 

Female magazine may not target me as a target reader, but this magazine is never unfamiliar to me. I always remember that my mum will buy Female magazine every month and you can surely find a copy in my house. So this magazine has already appeared when I was a kid and this explain the 40 glorious years of Female magazine! Hahaha...

Just stepping in the party, there were many hunks welcoming the guest and also taking pictures with them. The event organizer definitely understands what the female audience like the most! LOL... Of course I did snap a picture with them too, and just at that moment I totally lost all my self-esteem. HAHHAHA! Why their body can be so perfect la?? I also want body like that! Hopefully one day! *finger cross* XD

The event was grace by many celebrities, models, designers and bloggers. Everyone was dressed accordingly to the event theme which is "street style fashion". Just look at my outfit assemble and all you can see is "street". LOL... I'm actually really glad that the theme is street style because that's what I normally wear, if it's what "Great Gatsby", or some other theme I sure die liao. Hahaha... 

 Meeting both drama queen, posing queen and ddy queen! LOL

The best part and the most surprise part of the night was me walking away with the "Best Dressed Male" title! I'm so flattered to win this prize, and more happy because I won voucher worth RM1,000 to shop at Club 21! 

More pictures of my street swagger outfit! Since I won best dress, I can say that this is how street style should be. (at least once) I got this red checkered sleeveless top from Taiwan, and to make the whole outfit more casual and comfortable (how street style should be), I matched it with a golden print tank top inside which I have actually wore it in many outfit if you guys do realize. This is how mix and match should work! Same thing but with something new. Hahhaha... At least make the piece worth the money.

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