Wednesday, September 24, 2014


OMG! I know that I have not been updating for a week or more, and currently my life is just busy like crazy!! Everyday I will just hope to have more time because it seems that 24 hours is totally not enough for me to finish all the workload I have. Maybe it's my final semester, I have loads of assignments and it's really not those where you can finish easily. There is time where I don't even sleep the whole night just to rush for assignments and mostly days where I just sleep for a few hours. There is just forever non stop work to do, no time to relax! The best way to keep updated is to follow my Facebook and Instagram, because even attending events I can only upload pictures there and not even have the time to blog about it. I'm so sorry guys... :/

So no doubt this is a super throwback outfit but still looking fresh! Hahahhaa... Simple black sweater with printed words that is not even loud, this is such simple outfit that I will choose lately. The printed words are actually "Easy Life" which I think nothing is easy in life. wtf! LOL... There is no one time success, nothing will forever be the way you want. Shit happens in life and we will just have to face it. I think that there is no easy life but just a better life, but it all depends on yourself.

I am always looking for directions in life, trying my best now to achieve what I want. I'm not sure if my dreams will come true, but at least I'm taking the first step to try. Work hard for a better life!

Sweater from Burton Menswear
Denim Vest from H&M
Boots from Dr.Martens

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