Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Text prints has been a trend recently in many outfit designs, and the word "Get Me" on my top is more than obvious another example. I think the only thing that I would want to "get" more now is holiday. LOL... After coming back from my Taiwan trip, I really enjoy going to different places and experiencing different cultures, at the same time just relax and no worries. I think it's not only me right, like who don't like holiday? I will slap you! Hahhaa... So since my holiday is coming to an end, I will be going to Pulau Redang this weekend for another getaway. I just can't wait to sit by the beach, enjoy the sea breeze, sipping on a glass of orange juice and reading my favourite book. Hahaha.. This is totally too movie scene, but finally a trip away from the busy city, and it's time to enjoy summer. 

So playing around with different materials is fun, like how I have this translucent gauze fabric top matched with a more formal silver slacks. So don't just categorize your wardrobe clothes to formal and casual, because sometimes you can just mix them together and create more fun. Sometimes you could find casual in formal, and formal in casual, it may sound confusing but trust me, don't be afraid to mix and match them together. You will be surprise on the outcome, and it will just make your whole wardrobe more versatile.

Top from mens_wardrobe 
Shoe from Puma

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